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Hammersmith Testimonials


"The course was excellent!! Usha was a fantastic trainer and involved us throughout the day. Her pace and delivery were super and I learnt so much that I cannot wait to share with the rest of my team. I look forward to attending another training course that is carried out through the same provider. Thank you."

Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course Hammersmith Beginners

Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course Beginners training course in Hammersmith and Fulham

Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course Beginners Hammersmith

If you're wanting to book your Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course and are wondering about the following:

  • You don't know what course to take!
  • You have no idea of your skill level.
  • You are wanting training for your team.

Then we'll be happy to help you choose or design a course that suits you.

We can come to you but should you want to get away to do the Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course then the offices we use in Hammersmith are at:

Crown House
72 Hammersmith Rd
London W14 8TH

An ideal location for your Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course Beginners training course. The training centre is situated in the heart of west London between Hammersmith and Kensington.

The building, Crown House, is bright and modern with large windows giving the training course location a spacious, airy and comfortable feel. Within easy walking distance of Hammersmith High Street.

The training course location is close to major roads, local bus routes and several London Underground stations the closest being Barons Court.

There are many other computer training courses in Hammersmith & Fulham available. Please see if there is a course for you.

Photoshop Training Course Hammersmith Beginners Overview

In this beginners Photoshop training course you will dive into the basics of Photoshop and discover how to spruce up your images and designs with ease. You'll start by getting the hang of Photoshop's core features and tidying up your digital assets with Adobe Bridge, then move on to tailoring your workspace for slicker use. Grasp the essentials of tweaking your photos, from getting to grips with various file types to refining your knack with selection tools like the Lasso and Magic Wand, all while getting creative with layers for that extra flair.

Take your skills up a notch with handy image adjustment tricks, mending, and colour tweaking, plus dip into some nifty tools like Generative Fill and Generative Expand. Finish off by getting savvy with file management for web, print, and more, making sure your creations look top-notch wherever they're showcased. This course is your ticket to adding that professional sparkle to your websites, posters, or leaflets, tailored for anyone eager to give their projects a lift.

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Length of Course: 1 Day

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Course Duration: 1 Day.

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Adobe Photoshop training is also available for online training via Zoom or Teams.

All you need to know about our Live Online Training.

Live Online Training

A couple of the tools you will learn:

Clone stamp tool

Still in vogue, the clone stamp tool allows you to replace one part of an image with another. This can be on the same or different layer or even another photo and that's where the real fun begins. I often get asked about how to remove a person from a crowd and I reply that's fine but what are you going to replace them with? Now if you're wondering what I mean then basically if you simply cut someone out of a photo you're going to have a gaping hole. So what are you going to put in it's place? The secret depends on how much detail is in the photo. For instance back to the example about removing a person from a photo. If there are a lot of people, in essence, a veritable crowd then you could get away with replacing them with someone from the same photograph. Or if this is painfully obvious then someone from a different photograph will suffice. Just a little word of warning, pay attention to the light and shadows of the two separate images. You may have to spend a liitle time using the curves adjustment layer to get that right.

So you've decided who or what you're going to use to replace the unwanted component in your image. Now select the clone stamp tool hold down the alt key and click on the photo and section of the photo you want to copy from. Move the pointer across to the area you wish to replace. Look carefully at the centre of your mouse pointer and you'll see the part of the image you're copying from this will allow you to line up the different sections enabling you to paint them together seamlessly. Pay attention to the direction you paint. Also don't just click, otherwise it will look as if you're 3 year old has gone to task on your masterpiece. Click and drag to paint remembering the undo history buttons Ctrl + Alt + z which can be very handy. Also do note the aligned check box in the options section at the top. With this ticked you can be sure that your mouse pointer is always the same direction and distance from the clone stamp pixel sampler, whether you're painting or not. Unchecked and the clone stamp sampler reverts to it's original location.

The magnetic lasso tool

The magnetic lasso tool has been kicking around Photoshop for a few versions now and it it is still here in CC. The idea is to use this tool to select a part of an image with contrasting colours. Granted there are other tools, such as the quick selection tool, that will do the same job however there is something etonian about using a moderately modified lasso tool. It is true that I refer to the lasso tool as last resort lasso. So if that is the case then this would be almost second to last. To use it first get on as big a screen as poss. If an imax so much the better the reason is that you want to see the entire object you're tracing around. Second make sure you're using a half decent mouse, or you are supremely good at using one of those laptop touch pads. I personally loathe them however many of my students get by just fine.

Click to start tracing around the pixels you want to cut out and follow the contrasting edge as closely as you can working round to where you started. If all goes well then hover your mouse over your initial click point and look for a little circle by your pointer. This indicates the completion of your selection then click ti complete. Sometimes though things go wrong. Should you notice the selection line deviating fom it's intended course then backup the line pressing delete on the keyboard to remove each anchor point, then try again. Needs a little patience however I find something satisfying about using thia old school method of selecting.

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Adobe Photoshop CC Training Course Hammersmith Beginners

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