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Working at Home? - How inconvenient is that!

Picture of Simon working from home

An Odd Experience

It's an odd experience working or doing anything from home that you would ordinarily do in the office. Roles get crossed. When you're in the office you know where you need to be, what meeting room you've booked and that the lunch you prepared earlier that morning is waiting for you in the shared office fridge.

Now you're working from home things are different. You probably haven't prepared lunch that morning because you're already at home. I mean what's the point of preparing lunch when it's already in the fridge.

When normally you would be frantically searching for a vacant meeting room and hoping that nobody has decided to sneak in beforehand you now have to find a quite place in the home. Somewhere you can concentrate and have a conversation without being distracted by children, noisy neighbours or pets chewing on the router cable.

Finding Peace and Quiet

Speaking of peace and quiet, that is never easy. Even if you are fortunate enough to have a Whole room to yourself, it's that inevitable crash downstairs. What's fallen? What's broken? Who's hurt?

If however you’re pretty limited on space and some of my friends living in London are just in that situation. Having one room in a shared house or even having to share a small living area makes finding peace and quiet to work is no easy task. So what can you do?