Spring is on its way.  We’ve had the snow and poetically appearing on the tails of the snow came the snow drops! Flowers and slighter longer days are what we all need to lift our spirits.

New starts often accompany the spring. To help Micro and Small Businesses make a new start with their accounts (please don’t tune out yet…accounts can be gloriously simple and very rewarding to keep on top of) Computer Tutoring have published a series of videos designed to help anyone setting up accounts for the first time.  Actually, if you already are in charge of keeping accounts and you want to give them a Spring Clean – then you’ll enjoy this Super Easy Accounts Series.

The Excel Accounts Template are available for download so you can follow along!

Questions that we are often asked about using Excel for Accounts include:

  • What the best way to do my own accounts?
  • How can I use Excel spreadsheets to do monthly accounts?
  • How do I work out my profit in Excel?

‘Super Easy Accounts’ is just that. No more glum weekends shrouded in accounts and VAT. 

Keep in Simple – Keep it Smart!


How to do Super Easy Accounts in Excel?

  • Introduction to Basic Excel Terminology
  • How to Correctly Enter Dates in Excel?
  • Changing Numbers into Currency
  • How to Enter and Add up Expenses?
  • How to Enter and Add up Receipts?
  • How to Work out your Balance?
  • How to Work out a Running Total?

How to Make Your Accounts Look Good in Excel

  • Merge and Centre Cells
  • Change Background Colour
  • How to Change Font in Excel Sheet
  • Change Width in Excel for Multiple Columns
  • Drawing Lines in Excel
  • How to Freeze Panes in Excel
  • Excel Format Painter Multiple Cells



How to calculate the VAT in Excel?

  • How to work out how much VAT to charge
  • Work Out Gross from Net in Excel





Two more videos will be soon be published in this series. Check in or subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified.  These will include how to incorporate your VAT into you accounts spreadsheet and how to start to analyze your accounts. 

For many its coming up to the start of a new financial year, so why don't you give your accounts a spring clean.  Keep it simple keep it smart!