There is of course nothing new about business meetings and training sessions being conducted online, and for many of us – working remotely in our shorts and shirt and tie is something that we have been doing for years. 

However, for the vast majority of the population the idea of having a virtual office, classroom, doctor’s appointment and even a virtual party is brand spanking new.

As well as the technical aspects of adapting to an Online Life, there are also the social implications. We loved this article about Zoom Social Etiquette

Some of us have had extra time on our hands, but others have been busier than ever.  Migrating systems online, planning new business strategies – including how to socially distance in the work place is very time consuming.

Computer Tutoring have published a series of Zoom Tutorials designed for busy people, who need to quickly get up and running using Zoom.

How to Join a Meeting - Zoom 2 Minute Tutorial

This 2 minute bullet train video will take you from downloading Zoom to joining your first Zoom meeting

  1. How to download and install Zoom?

  2. How to use the Meeting ID and Password to enter the meeting?

  3. How to mute your microphone so that others can't hear you?

  4. How to leave a Zoom meeting?


5 Essential Meeting Features - Zoom 2 Minute Tutorial

 This quick guide will get you up to speed with:

  1. How to view your colleagues - gallery view & speaker view

  2. How to mute and unmute yourself, as well as how to turn your video screen on and off!

  3. See a list of meeting participants - and raise your 'virtual' hand

  4. How to use the chat window

  5. Virtual backgrounds


How to Host a Meeting - Zoom Tutorial

Hosting a meeting can initially seem daunting,  however this video will give you clear directions on the following:

  1. How to set up a Zoom Meeting

  2. Sending out invitations

  3. The 'Virtual Waiting Room'

  4. How admit participants to the meeting. 

  5. Chat permissions

  6. Setting up Zoom Polls

  7. Sharing Zoom polls results

  8. How to share screens

  9. Muting and unmuting participants

  10. Setting up Zoom Breakout Rooms


Whether you are a Zoom participant or you are hosting a Zoom meeting we hope these tips have helped you enjoy your 'Virtual' work / school sessions. 

Don't forgot,  these Zoom features can become as fun as you want them to be.  Why don't you try creating your own Quiz using Zoom Polls