Many are making use of outside space to minimise risks and help customers feel comfortable.  As we have now officially entered the winter season, I’m not sure how popular training outside will be, but if there’s a heater and a large flask of tea available we’re willing to give it a go!

Online Training 

Since the beginning of lockdown IT training companies grappled with converting all training online.  Online training has actually been around for a long time – though when we used to mention to our clients using Zoom, most of them had never heard of it! Now the word Zoom is part of our daily vocabulary! 

The technical side of delivering online training is the easy part.  The more challenging aspect is helping students to feel relaxed and engaged throughout the day, keeping calm when those niggly technical issues arise! No panicking or cold sweats but lots of reassurance and good humour along the way.   Training always needs to be lively and engaging but with online training the trainer probably needs to work that little bit harder to ensure the students are comfortable and engaged at all times. 

Comments we’ve received from delegates who’ve attended live online training so far have been really encouraging!  (Trust Pilot)

What's Happening with Face to Face Training?  

Well obviously, at the beginning of lockdown all face to face training was halted and all courses were delivered online.  However, during the last few months face to face training has been re-emerging. 

It is quite interesting that pre lock down we wouldn’t even think of using the expression ‘face to face’ training, it was just a fore gone conclusion unless online training was specially requested.  Now there are two distinct options.  Online and Face to Face.

So how does safe socially distanced Face to Face training work? 

Well its normal to feel a little nervous (from the trainers and the delegates point of view) about mixing with strangers again, however we’d love to share our first-hand experiences with you. See what one of our trainers has to say about resuming face to face training.  Talk to the Trainer Interview

Good communication has always been the life blood of any successful business relationship – but with COVID-19 measures still in place it is even more vital than ever. 

Questions need to be asked that were never asked before.  

Computer Tutoring Questions: 

  • Is anyone in the office experiencing any COVID symptoms? If so, the training can be delivered either online or re-scheduled.

  • What social distancing measures do you have in place?

  • Do you have a large monitor / screen? (for screen sharing)

  • Will all students be using their own laptops?

  • Would you like all training materials and certificates to be provided online?


In turn the Client may ask: 

  • Is your trainer exhibiting any COVID symptoms?

  • Is the trainer happy to have their temperature taken on arrival?

  • Has the trainer downloaded the NHS APP?


At first this asking these questions can feel a little strange, but not to worry!  Actually asking these questions makes everyone feel safer and lets your client know that you are taking their wellbeing as well your own wellbeing very seriously.     


Keep Safe Everyone.