A Great Big Thank You

Well, firstly we really want to thank all of our customers for their support throughout lock down.  We know, particularly at the beginning it was a very confusing,  frightening time for everyone. Its hard to believe that a year has passed since the outbreak changed the way we live and work.

We're really pleased that we have been able to keep training and helping you keep on top of the new challenges that working remotely brings! For many it was getting to grips with using Zoom and Teams! We quickly added  Zoom and Teams training courses to our website, along with creating a whole series of Zoom help videos!   

Suddenly working at home,  not being in the office with your team have undoubtedly changed the working / training dynamics.   Actually training online has been quite fun!  Prior to lock down most of our delegates were comfortably seated in a large training room, with their colleagues, armed with a bottle of water, pen and paper and of course their laptop! Now they are in their living room, with their children running in and out, nipping in and out of the kitchen for the much needed tea and coffee and to quickly put the dinner in the oven!  Despite these challenges we have been inspired by how many have actually seemed quite relaxed and realised, 'you know what, my children are at home, there's stuff going on in the background - no worries - that's how it is!' Multi tasking has never been so important! 

For us at Computer Tutoring It's been a completely different way of working, but strangely enough, in many cases more personal and engaging than the traditional class room face-to-face method. Hopefully our lives will be returning to 'normal' in the not too distant future, but we have genuinely enjoyed training so many of you remotely! 

So again, thank you very much for your support!

New Microsoft PowerApps Course

We would like to announce the release of a new course - Microsoft PowerApps.

We are offering PowerApps beginners and PowerApps intermediate courses or just 2 days together.  These will get you up and running with creating apps for your mobile phones and tablets.

Use Microsoft PowerApps tool to create an app for your phone or tablet without any complicated coding.

The Microsoft PowerApps Beginners course is designed to get you started with PowerApps. First you will understand the difference between Tablet and Mobile Apps within PowerApps. Then you will see, by looking at the various templates within PowerApps, the potential of PowerApps giving you inspiration.

You’ll then create your first PowerApp, connect it to an Excel Spreadsheet and a SharePoint list. You will test your app on your mobile device to see it working in all its glory and, if you are feeling brave, share it with others in your organisation.

The PowerApps Intermediate course is designed to take what you have learnt in the beginner's course and build on it. With the introduction of form controls including the camera control and the add picture media controls and how to interact with a SharePoint list to upload binary images. You’ll also see how to link to 3rd party API’s.

If you have any enquiries at all about this, please don't hesitate to get in touch

New Online Pricing Structure 

Remote training is obviously slightly different to face-to-face training. Hence our online pricing structure has been revised to reflect this.  A course calculator is available on each course page enabling you to easily find the online and the face to face training rate.

Live Online Public Courses

We would also like to thank everyone for the support we had for the Live Online public courses that we've been running since the beginning of Lockdown.

We actually ran our first Live Online public course as a FREE Excel beginners training session.  That was lots of fun and there was huge interest. 

Since that time we have been running Microsoft Excel Beginners, Excel Intermediate, Excel Dashboards, Excel Power BI Beginners and Intermediate as scheduled Live Online public courses.   These will shortly be discontinued as we focus on running private training days.  

Thank you to all our customers!