Having recently completed teaching an Excel Online Training Course, one of the things that was painfully apparent was the throbbing in my head. My eyes, back of my neck.

Up Close and Personal

What do I mean by this? Well the fact is that using the various video conferencing systems i.e. Zoom that we are all now using we are constantly looking at somebody's face at very close proximity - it is not natural. It's exhausting! The fact is that we are not used to conversing with people at such a close quarters. So when someone is right up in our face it makes us panic a little, I mean just imagine if you had a conversation in real life at such close proximity. This feeling can can cause our heart rate increase, or conversely cause tiredness.  It's downright weird. 

Try these 3 tips to combat video fatigue:

  1. Try to sit a little back from the screen. Don't worry too much about the cat walking in the background.  

  2. Make sure you move your whole body at regular intervals. Take time to stand up and have the occasional stretch, or stretch at your desk!

  3. I know it sounds silly, but don't forget to breathe.  Sometimes we are concentrating so much on our online
    companions we actually forget to take those all important deep breathes that help keep us calm.