So if you read last month's newsletter, you'll know that we've been working hard on a brand new, all encompassing set of Microsoft Office 365 User Training courses.  

As with any good service provider or good restaurant we have recommended certain pairings, however as the name suggests you can pic 'n' mix to suit you. 

Why Office 365 Pick 'n' Mix?

If you have an Office 365 business package, you'll probably be utilising only a handful of the apps, namely Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and maybe OneDrive. 

More and more users, are wondering how all the other apps that they are already paying for can help them. 

When you sign in to your Microsoft Office account you will be presented with a long list of apps available to you, similar to the below graphic.  So what do they all do?  Can they benefit my business? Will they help 'oil my ship' so to speak?

Office 365 Pick 'n' Mix - Which Apps?

You're a busy person, so haven't got a huge amount of time to research the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of each app. 

Here's a super helpful list of the 0365 Apps that we're including in our pick 'n' mix selection along with a brief  description of what each app does. 

Microsoft Office 365 User Training

Investing a few minutes looking through a description of what each 0365 app does, is definitely a wise use of your time. After perusing the list of apps available, you will most likely feel drawn to maybe one, two or even three apps that you feel that have the potential to really help you and your business. 

For example you'll notice apps that would:

  • Enable your business to save time

  • Aid collaboration within your team

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Enhance customer engagement

  • Analyse vast amounts of data

An example. 

Collecting, collating and analysing data has always been a crucial part of any business.

This could be from within your business or from your loyal customers or those all important potential customers. 

Within your company you may wish to ascertain how everyone feels about a certain product, policy, idea or ask all Team members for feedback regarding a new venture, which contracts to bid for, or even what does everyone think about the new fancy expresso maker. 

With your customers, you will be anxious to receive honest feedback regarding how they view your companys performance, areas they think need improving on, and whether or not they would recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

All the above are very important to the success of any business. Do you need to outsource these types of projects, or pay a programmer to write a lot of code in order to develop an online form and database for your business?

Thankfully no! So what sweeties in your Office 365 pick 'n' mix selection are their to help you? 

Microsoft Forms. If you have the Office 365 business package, then this is a sweetie that you already have in your bag! 

With our Microsoft Forms training course, you will learn how to harness the power of forms. Believe me you will never look back, and will positively cringe at the idea that you were actually considering outsourcing and paying someone else to do this work. 

At Computer Tutoring we have thought long and hard about sweetie pairings that we think will work best for you. This has been based on hundreds of hours spent with delegates on training courses and listening to what is they want to achieve and the challenges they are facing getting there. 

This is why we have picked from the pick 'n' mix goody bag, Microsoft Forms and Microsoft Excel (Microsoft Office 365 Training Excel and Forms Beginners). Quite frankly they go together like ham and eggs, fish and chips or gin and tonic!

This way,  you will not only learn how to create and use forms, but you will also learn how to use Microsoft Excel to collate the precious data that you have received. You will even learn how to link your form to Excel so that your spreadsheet, pivot tables will update in REAL time.  Imagine how much that would cost your company to outsource? 

Here is a fun example of using Microsoft Forms to obtain this case about electric cars.

For the love of cars. 


All the pairings that we are Computer Tutoring have been made thoughtfully based on what our customers have wanted. However as the name Pick 'n' Mix suggests you are welcome to choose your own 2 apps for a training day. 

You may just want to poke your head in the pick 'n' mix bag and see how Sway can help you, oh and also Planner. The choice is yours. 

We basically want to demystify these Office 365 apps and help you feel confident in using them. It can be overwhelming being faced with so many new apps, however if you need a little help in choosing 2 apps from the Microsoft Office 365 goody back, the simply get in touch with us, we will be happy to help. Do I choose the rhubarb and custard sweet, the chocolate mouse or flying saucer? 

These are the pre-prepared pick 'n' mix selections. You'll notice that in each course description part of the page, we have listed what you'll learn from each app and then how the apps work in conjunction with the other one.