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Milton Keynes

Google Apps Script Training Courses Milton Keynes

Google Sheets Training Courses Milton Keynes

Our Milton Keynes training courses can you help with your corporate training. Or if it's a more advanced training course you're looking for we can help you with programming skills.

Having trained a number of companies in Milton Keynes we are well placed to help. Why not work on a personal project, or get help with a job you're having difficulty with.


"Very good, especially as it was on a one-to-one basis"


"Very informative and Simon was able to answer every question I asked"

Ford Rental

"Excellent course and covered everything I needed it too. Would recommend it."

Calmar Consultancy

"I was able to get the right pitch as it was a 1-1 session. Very friendly and efficient service and having the training in my home was a real bonus for me"

Duravit UK Ltd

"Very informative, fun & a lot learnt" "Very good"

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