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Welcome to our computer training courses page. This page let's you know of the various training courses available. Click on the various links and you can learn InDesign in London. Or you may wish to have a Photoshop training course in Cambridge. Or it could be that Norwich may be the place for your web design training course.

London Hammersmith, Chiswick, Kensington or Heathrow

We now offer courses within London at Hammersmith and Kensington, Chiswick, Heathrow. If you want to venture further out west we also run training courses in Reading. We can offer courses at an office local to you. So why not come to us and see what you can do with a Photoshop, InDesign or Excel training course?

Cambridge Peterborough Ipswich and Norwich

If you have been a customer of ours around Cambridge then we have trainers who cover that area and we still use IT training facilities for our Cambridge IT courses. Same is true for our Peterborough, Ipswich and Norwich training courses. Give us a call for we can still come to you in Cambridge, Peterborough, Ipswich or Norwich to deliver a course in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Excel, Word, Microsoft Access and other software programs.

Birmingham, Leicester and Coventry

We are delivering training courses in Birmingham as well as computer training courses in Leicester. This involves showing how Excel, Access or a website design training course can help your business. At one of our Birmingham training course offices we offer ready laptops, lunch and a relaxed environment allowing you to concentrate on learning. We also offer all of the above at our training rooms in Leicester. Please call us and see how we can help.

Milton Keynes, Luton and Northampton

Having delivered computer traininig courses for many companies based in Milton Keynes, Luton and Northampton areas nothing has changed we will continue to do so. Whether you need a training course in Photoshop. Or if you need an Excel training course in Milton Keynes we are willing to travel to you. Or you can come to a computer training course centre.

Excel Classes
Excel Online Class
Power BI Classes
Power BI Online Class


  • AXA Insurance

    "The trainer made what could have been a rather dull subject interesting. He tried hard to make it relevant to our day to day use of XML"

  • Royal Society of Chemistry

    "Excellent course, 1 to 1 training is the way forward... trainer was incredibly knowledgeable & accommodating. There wasn't a single question he couldn't answer, I would recommend this course to others"

  • Financial Services Organisation

    "The resources are excellent and I will be able to learn independently from the notes"
  • Travis Perkins

    "Informative, Interactive and Inspiring"

    "Excellent. A Lot to take in but really well presented / taught. The road starts now!"

    "Great - Started with the basics and built up knowledge throughout the day"

  • Premier Communications

    "Excellent. A good coverage and introduction to Dreamweaver"

  • Private

    "Very efficient Very clear and easy to understand Simon was very accommodating in showing us functions outside the day course Easy to follow instructions Lovely lunch and snacks. Simon and Cindy are really pleasant and lovely people, I left with the feeling that I had learnt a lot Mission accomplished!"

  • World Vision UK

    "The course was very informative and interesting, this is the first time I have used this programme and enjoyed the learning. The tutor was very clear and patient. The training came at the right time as I will be able to use this with the new Recruitment Process Mapping etc that is due for updating."

  • Oxygen Finance

    "Fantastic! Best training course I have done by far. The tutor Simon was so enthusiastic and engaging throughout the whole day! Wonderful tutor!"

  • Mitie

    "Brilliant, it was fun and we were kept on our toes. Brilliant way of training."

  • Oxygen Finance

    "Excellent Daniel was excellent and very engaging, enjoyed the course and I have taken a lot away from today that will be used in practice."

  • Pepsico

    "Only a small group so really great training interaction. Well prepared and friendly, made what could of been a slightly dull topic enjoyable."

    "Very good. I have never used Access before but feel confident that I will be able to set up and manage databases going forward."

  • Scholastic

    Excellent. Very helpful in terms of how to use the program in real work situations rather than just an overview of all the things it's capable of but which may not be relevant to our needs.
  • Belkin

    "Informative and well paced. Instructor demonstrated a good knowledge of the subject matter throughout the course."

  • Picotech

    "Very good. Just the confidence boost that I needed! I already knew some Illustrator but didn't quite have the confidence level I have with Photoshop and InDesign or for 3D work. Very relaxed environment, atmosphere, settled in really quickly and fun too. Instructions were clear and easy to digest. If I had any questions Simon was able to help or find a solution. The take away handbook was extra useful as I can always look back or contact them directly."

  • Picotech

    "The training was exceptional. Listened to my experience at the beginning and my requirements. The course was well paced and we covered so much. Fantastic way to work. With Simon's laptop connected to the big TV screen and me working on my laptop it worked really well. I will be at an advantage tomorrow morning compared to yesterday, I know this for sure."

  • Blaby District Council

    "The trainer.. had the ability to explain in a clear and concise manner and had a deep knowledge of excel but kept his training very relevant to the group. The course did not feel rushed or pressured and there was no feeling of embarrassment if more help or explanation was needed. The trainer offered assistance at every stage and was able to explain in a way that was relevant. His diction and pace were perfect."

  • Smurfit Kappa

    Very informative and easy to understand, and Denise was relaxed, friendly and so helpful. After the course, I had a more clearer understanding and picked up tips and techniques I never knew.

  • Cambridge Careers

    "The training was excellent, very clear instructions, good level of interaction and good fun.

  • Network Rail

    "Very good, pitched at the right level. Simon was very engaged, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and was left plenty of time at the end for specific queries.

  • Master Chemical Europe Ltd

    "Extremely informative especially on Pivot tbls & VLookup I have come away with an expanded knowledge of Excel, which in turn brings a huge degree of confidence back into my reporting"

  • Aldi

    "Having very minimal knowledge of PowerPoint, I found this course extremely useful and interesting. There were a number of shortcuts and tips and tricks that I picked up throughout the training and will definitely feel more confident using this in future"

  • Dent Wizard

    "Very useful, definitely will recommend the training to any company. Covers key aspects used in any workplace in a simple yet effective way by breaking it down step by step. Key shortcuts also very handy to use going forward, I have definitely picked up some handy tricks which I will be able to use on a daily basis at work"

  • Inter Community School Zurich

    "Tailored exactly to my needs. I suggested specific problems and these were handled quickly and efficiently. All my questions were answered"

  • SMC Pneumatics

    "The training was both engaging and interactive. Any questions I had were genuinely discussed and explained. Simon, who taught us, was very knowledgeable and appreciable"

  • British Antarctic Survey

    "Our bespoke training was really good and invaluable. We learnt a great deal about Microsoft Access and databasing techniques. Both aspects are so important to our work. Simon, our trainer, was a real expert and he made the two days interesting and enjoyable. Thank you so much"

  • Just Energy

    "Coming from having no background knowledge to SQL I have really benefited from this training course and having the documentation I can't wait to start putting this into practice and learning further"

  • Australia House

    "Very good"

  • GKN Aerospace Luton

    "Really enjoyable. Good that you're not bombarded with information and leave at the end of the day no better off than when you arrived. Simon was happy to take questions throughout and help guide you through the answers"

  • Newrest

    "I was very impressed. Simon has a great way of teaching which I found interesting and inclusive, he was very approachable, patient and helpful. Very knowledgeable. I would definitely like to be trained further on Excel by Simon."

  • Glenwood School

    "Perfect. Would highly recommend this company to meet your computer training needs. As my colleague was unable to attend, Simon adapted the course to fit in with the elements I felt I needed to know - we covered some aspects of Advanced Word and combined them with the Intermediate session. The Company provide you with a useful information booklet which covers all aspects of the course, you also have access to online tutorials. "

  • Buster + Punch

    "Simon makes the training an easier task by approaching his pupil first, in order to know their level of knowledge, and then he presents the BI functions in an understandable and patient way. Excellent introduction for beginners and an overview of the amazing tools Power BI provides for creating reports, data analysis and decision making."

  • Uniserve

    "Very informative and energetic. Definitely explained in a way which made sense."

  • hiber

    "Fantastic delivery. Enthusiastic and engaging. Very easy to follow and brilliant at explaining questions. Cheers Simon!"

  • West Midlands Fire Service

    "It was great - delivered at our pace with lots of chances to ask questions. It was really useful to develop some reports using some of our real data, not just "training" data."

  • OOCL

    "Alan was a very enthusiastic tutor. I learned a lot of different tricks to Power BI that I didn't know about before. Good supplemental material."

  • Nagano Industry

    "The training was very good,Taking time to explain any questions I had and to make sure I understood. I found the two day course very informative and enjoyable."

  • Aldi

    "Excellent! I normally shy away from Excel as I am not a numbers person, however Denise really made it an enjoyable session and showed us some amazing aspects that will save so much time for us. Thank you."

  • Pico Technology

    "Excellent course! Learnt loads! 10/10 would recommend!

  • Infuencer

    "Incredibly useful training, have been able to learn and practice a whole new set of formulas that will be incredibly helpful at work."

  • Barnardos

    "Really pleased we booked this training! Staff have enjoyed this training and have learnt a lot as a few of the team do not use Publisher at all. This was pitched at the right level for the group and at the right pace. Thanks Simon! Lots of handy tips and shortcuts have been appreciated!"

  • Foster Refrigeration

    "The training was pitched at exactly the right level and Simon Cubbin tailored the course to fit the requirements of our company. After a 2 day course we had a working sales analysis model with all the correctly structured measures in place ready for deployment across the business. Simon's level of knowledge and teaching style were excellent. Highly recommended.

  • Cambridge Flow Solutions

    "The training was brilliant. Went at my own pace. Simon answered all my questions and concentrated on teaching me the things I use the most at my work (or possibly may need in future). A very happy customer! Thank you!"

  • NEF

    "Really useful. there were a few bits that we won't need, but it was helpful to know that they exist. This now gives us a good basis to work out what we need a whole office training sometime soon."

  • hiber

    "Simon was amazing. Went at a great pace and adapted to the things I didn't get rather than focusing time on things that were either not needed or that I was already familiar with. He was very good at explaining and really do thank him for all of his help!"

  • University Of Cambridge Careers Service

    "The training day has taught me a lot about the basics of InDesign. It was great that the course was tailored to our needs and we could ask specific questions regarding our current marketing materials. Thanks so much!"

  • South Norfolk Council

    "The training was exactly what I needed to enhance my self-taught skills in Power BI. To be shown the capability and understand the programming (DAX) will enable me to produce templates for use within the organisation. The pace and interactivity was great and Simon was a fantastic trainer in getting everyone involved and imparting his knowledge of the product."

  • Abry Partners

    "I thought it was excellent very relevant and tailor made!"

  • Network Rail

    "Very interesting to get to grips with the principles and some of the practices from DAX. Enjoyed the course and Simon was great with his enthusiasm and patience."

  • CRFS Ltd

    "Very good course, nice pace. John had exceptional knowledge of project and was very supportive."

  • BUUK

    "Great, sign me up for the next course please. Will make my life so much easier and interested to know more."

  • Louise Broderick - Author

    "Thoroughly enjoyed my (online) training session. Simon answered all of my queries in a friendly and professional way, he is extremely patient and knowledgeable, I'd have no hesitation in returning for a training session for helping with using Publisher and would recommend this to anyone"

  • Get Insight

    Live Online Power BI Training: "It was perfectly pitched for my requirements. It gave me a great starting point to get using the software and the trainer was able to respond to specific questions I had referencing my work."

  • LDC

    Excel Live Online "An excellent training session.Simon is very patient and keeps things stress free. The course moved at a good pace and covered everything a beginner needed to know. I really felt I learnt a great deal and will definitely sign up for another training session."

  • DG Counselling

    Excel Live Online "Excellent, extremely helpful and very informative. I feel I have learned a lot in a short space of time and found Simon's approach very clear, welcoming and engaging."

  • Eaton

    Power BI Live Online "From speaking to the course leader Simon, Computer Tutoring only started recently to offer online training courses. From taking today's Bi Training course you would not be able to tell. Simon was well prepared for the meeting and was able to guide the class through all his examples clearly and concisely. The course was well led, interesting and at the pace which will suit most people. I am already ploughing through my data to clean it up to be able to use it in BI I have also just been told i can go onto Simons next level of training which I will be doing soon"

  • Osteomed

    Live Online Excel Training "This course was very well explained on which I think is a complex subject, (if you do not use Excel everyday) Simon is engaging and has a great training manor. this was the 3rd course I have been on and not disappointed, I just hope I can remember all the tips and tricks. thanks again"

  • Mark Greenway

    Live Online Power BI Training "Excellent training session. Very informative providing a clear overview of Power BI. The support documentation was also extremely helpful and Simon was endless patient too."

  • Eaton

    Live Online PowerBI Dealing with Data: "Great course A bit more detail this time and certainly the right level for the course description. Simon was able to clearly and concisely guide me through the course and has recommended additional reading to help me expand my knowledge of Power BI."

  • City of London Corporartion

    Live Online Zoom "A really good overview of the application as well as detailed explanations of how to use the different features of both webinars and meetings. The instructor was friendly and informative. We had already been using Zoom a little but it was still really useful to get a better understanding of the system. Would recommend for anyone looking to develop their skills in Zoom."

  • FEBS

    Live Online Excel "This was an excellent and informative course, the trainer was impressive and explained everything concisely. I would be happy to recommend this course."

  • Cambridge Strategy Group

    Live Online Excel - "Very good - Simon is very knowledgeable (and patient with my IT problems). Nice and relaxed. Paced at my speed :) Learnt many 'tricks' which will make my work faster."

  • GKN Aerospace

    Live Online Excel "Enjoyed the training very much, very well explained and would recommend this company to anyone."

  • Network Rail

    Live Online Excel Power BI "A very well delivered course. The trainer was very knowledgeable and was aware of the different levels of understanding. The pace was quick enough to deliver the course material and slow enough for everyone to keep up. Very informative course."

  • Morgan Sindall

    "Thoroughly enjoyed the training course, great friendly instructor Simon. Taught me a lot I didn't know. Many Thanks"

  • Redgate Software

    "This was the second excel course we attended as a team. We did the beginners session to ensure we all had the same level of knowledge before moving onto this intermediate course. As HR professionals, we wanted to improve our ability to use excel to analyse and present HR data to the company in a meaningful way whilst at the same time ensuring we were doing it in the most efficient and logical way possible. The courses really delivered for us and we are all much more confident in using excel"

  • Stewarts

    "Training with Simon is fantastic - He provides lots of helpful tips and tricks to make life easier in your day-to-day using of InDesign and he kindly tailored my training around an upcoming project I am working on so I could put my learning into practice on the day. A great training session with lots to show for it at the end of the day. Would thoroughly recommend Simon in training on InDesign."

  • AEA

    "I had previously finished a similar course and felt that I hadn't learnt enough from it, this course however was perfect and I now feel much more confident to work on Power BI. The course was run extremely well via Zoom with details being given if we asked for in depth on certain areas but usually the trainer explained everything so clearly there was little need for more questions. I am looking forward to the next level of training on it now as well."


    Live Online Illustrator "The course was really good. There were plenty of exercises that were supervised at the right pace. I was able to address some of the challenges that I struggle with in my day to day work."

  • Petrobas

    Live Online DAX "Very good training. I was able to learn many different DAX formulas and it was exactly what I needed."

  • Metropolitan

    Live Online Project Training "Trainer was extremely knowledgeable but also flexible and allowed discussion to reflect the needs of the group."

  • TCN UK

    Live Online Excel Training "Great. Enthusiastic trainer. Engaging with everyone involved. Runs through things at a good speed. Able to explain at a technical and non-technical level that is easy to digest."

  • Sandwell Young Carers

    Live Online Zoom Training "Simon was really good at explaining things and interacting with us. I am now confident with using zoom at this session "

  • Ingleton Wood

    Live Online Project Training "The training was very good. I started the session having had no experience with MS Project and the Trainer went through all the key aspects of Project which was very easy to follow and he did it all at a good pace."

  • OOCL

    Live Online Power BI Training "Absolutely fantastic course. Simon was engaging and patient throughout....and I am looking forward to experimenting with my new knowledge and skills to add value to my role and my team."

  • Macintyre Hudson

    Live Online Excel "It was good and items were explained well, we worked at the pace to suit everyone, so if someone needed things explained again, they were. I learned quicker ways to do things as well as learning new things" "Very good. Tutor (Deby) explained things well and took it at a pace that accommodated everyone in the course"
  • Pico Technology

    Really enjoyed the course and the opportunity to have one to one training. The course was tailored to my needs and my trainer Marek was very knowledgeable and happy to work as fast or slow as I was comfy with. It was great to be able to ask lots of questions and be able to have a flexible structure to the course so I was learning topics that would be relevant to my work. A great course and a friendly trainer, thank you.

  • Aquaterra Energy

    This was a great training course and one I enjoyed. Kevin was very clear on the training provided and explained all the steps very clearly. Ginny & I had slightly different requirements and these were meet without any problems. His interaction with us both help to allow us to get first hand practice and when stumbling was very quick to show us what was wrong. Enjoyed this course with Kevin I was also asking on other training, such as the Excel course.

  • Aquaterra Energy

    The trainer was very friendly and gave great tips/advice. The training was very high quality and I got exactly what I wanted from it.

  • ICS

    The training with Simon was great. Learned lots and was delivered very well. Highly recommend.

  • eLife

    Live Online XML "I really enjoyed the course and think it was taught with a good balance of interactive elements and instruction. I feel like we managed to cover quite a lot in the 2 days allocated, but I don't feel like anything was rushed and liked the way that Simon checked in at each stage to make sure that we weren't feeling at all lost. It is also helpful that we received a PDF textbook to refer back to during and after the course. Simon was a really patient and approachable teacher who very much tailored the training towards how it would best help us most in our individual roles. Would recommend to others."

  • Dirks

    "A fun learning experience coupled with excellent course delivery and content"

  • Macintyre Hudson

    The training was delivered very clearly and with a good level of detail. The trainer was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, which kept everyone interested in the course. He also ensured any questions were answered fully

  • London Luton Airport

    Great informative course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it very helpful.

  • Oxford Direct Services

    Excellent, course was tailored to suit my level as we went along. learnt lots of new things and would highly recommend. All very well explained too.

  • Manuka Doctor

    121 training, plenty of detail. Simon made the session very interesting and friendly, 3 months of on going help which is brilliant. Totally recommend.

  • Blaby District Council

    "I found the training session really interesting as I use Access daily and had no idea on how much it actually can do. Simon is a fantastic trainer and takes his time explaining all the background so you get to understand better, he is thorough and has the patience of a saint. I would highly recommend anyone considering this training to consider going booking Simon and his team."

  • Sandwell Young Carers

    "Training was clear and efficient. I enjoyed the training very much Simon excellent! made it very personal for everyone involved to understand."

  • Department of Transport

    "Marek was a great trainer and great company. He really knew all of the Adobe products inside out and could answer any questions you threw at him. The training was well structured, I liked that it was broken down into smaller tasks to demonstrate different features and I feel more confident using the software."

  • Rugby School

    "Informative, clearly presented and very helpful. It was good to have a trainer of high expertise who was willing to answer specific questions across a variety of fields and software applications."

  • Micro Scooters

    "Well presented, interesting and lively."

  • Control Risks

    "Simon was a great teacher and was very enthusiastic about the course which was brilliant. He used good examples during our Excel course and showed so many useful tips and tricks along the way. Now it's just time for me to put it into practice! But thank you Simon, it's much appreciated"

  • Affinity Fragrances

    "The training was fabulous. Thoroughly enjoyed being shown and putting in to practice 'all things learnt' during the training session. The trainer had a huge amount of knowledge and the hints and tips were great.

  • EON

    "This covered everything I needed and more, I will be able to use my new knowledge to help Eon save money and be more efficient.

  • Hodgson Acoustics Co Ltd

    "Seemed thorough, trainer very knowledgeable"

  • Metabolic Healthcare ltd


  • Lloydsdirect By Lloyds Pharmacy

    "Very helpful, few new stuff, and some a good refresh. Highly recommend"

  • Bolton Brothers Ltd

    "The training session was very helpful. It was great to gain a better understanding of the other apps available on One Drive. Simon broke down everything into bitesize information and made it very easy to understand. Thank you"

  • Beam Baking

    "Excellent course and pitched at just the right level with the chance to focus on areas of the course we we felt would benefit us most. Would highly recommend and I am sure we will use Simon again."

Student on laptop participating in a computer training course