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How to make a website on Dreamweaver insert copyright symbol - Dreamweaver Tutoring Part 7


Adding the copyright symbol using Dreamweaver

Continuing the series on how to make a website on dreamweaver this lesson you will insert the copyright symbol in the footer. We'll also add a little bit of padding just to give the text a bit of breathing room. First of all if you want to follow along then download the exercise files. You'll then need to set up Dreamweaver to administrate the web site. See creating a website from scratch.

Open the index page.

Highlight the footer placeholder text and press backspace to delete. DO NOT CLICK AWAY.

Click Insert - HTML - Characters - Copyright.

Enter the text: "Copyright SDC Design Ltd." after the copyright symbol.

Click on the #footer selector in the CSS Designer window.

Click the layout button in the properties section.

Find the padding section .

Click on the chain link to apply padding to all sides.

Type 10px to add 10 pixels of padding.

File - Save All.

File - Preview in Browser - Google Chrome to test in the browser.
(You can also press F12 on the keyboard to preview).

The exercise files you need for this can be found here unzip them to a convenient location.