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COUNTIF Function in Excel


What can you do with the Excel COUNTIF function?

The COUNTIF function in Excel is a pretty straightforward function. Basically within it's arguments you get it to look at a range of data, and return how many items meet a certain criteria. This would be great if you wanted to know how many times you ordered or bought cheese. Or should you want to see how many items are before or after a certain date. That way you could take the sum of the two figures away from the total count of every item in the list, and that way you can know how many orders or items exist between two dates.

Further info about the CountIF function in Excel

This Excel training video will show you not only how to use the COUNTIF function on a basic level, that is to count how many items existing in a list that meet a certain criteria. It will also give you the basics of combining two countif functions to find out the number of sales or orders between two dates. It takes advantage of the greater than symbol. It also shows you how to use the less than symbol. You will also see how you can use the ampersand to concatenate the greater than symbol with a cell reference that contains a date. You can also use the second argument in the countif function to do the same thing with the less than symbol, concatenating it with a cell reference containing a date. If you do it this way you can then change the dates in the relevant cells and the countif formula in Excel.

CountIF function in Excel exercise file

Should you want to follow along with the CountIF function in Excel training video then download the COUNTIF function in Excel exericse file.