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Creating an Access database from planning to creating the first Table


Create Access database from planning to first Table

Creating an Access database from planning to creating first table is a vital stage in planning an Access database. This free online training guide will show factors to consider when planning an Access Database.

This training guide starts off by making use of a mindmap to show the various stages of planning when creating a database. These are certain things that you need to think about, things to consider. The purpose of this being that when you come to the later stages of database development you don't box yourself into a corner.

When planning a database if you're a beginner a good rule of thumbs is "If in double - put it in!". This is especially true if their will be many using the database. It could be that the database will be placed on a server, or maybe even a website. Whatever or wherever the Access datbase is located you can be confident that you won't be wishing you included a field that you needed.