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How to digitally sign a PDF document?

Using a digital ID in Adobe Acrobat?

This short video will show you how to can digitally sign a document so that you can prove that it came from you. In order for this to properly work then please take time to look at the other videos.

  1. Open the PDF document that you want to sign.
  2. Click Fill & Sign from the top right of the screen
    Tools  Customize  Fill & Sign Comment
  3. Click Work with Certificates
  4. Click Sign with Certificate
    Work with Certificates  Sign with Certificate  Time Stamp Document  Validate All Signatures  Certify Wir,ible)  Certify (Not Visible)
  5. Drag the area you want to sign.
  6. Select A new digital ID - I want to create now
    Add Digital ID  want to sign this document using:  o  My existing digital ID from:  A roaming digital ID accessed via a server  A device connected to this computer  @A new digital ID I want to create now  a
  7. Click Next
  8. Choose New PKCS#12 Digital ID file. Then click Next.
  9. Enter your details. (Tip: To access Great Britain faster type "G")
  10. Click Next
  11. Choose the location for your digital ID file and the Password. (It might be an idea to place the file somewhere secure so people can't get hold of it.
    Enter a file location and password for pur new digital ID file. You will need the password when  you use the digital ID to sign or decrypt documents. You should make a note of the file location  so that you can copy this file for backup or other purposes. You can later change options for this  file using the Security Settings dialog.  File Name:  Passwo rd:  Confirm Password:  Browse...
  12. Click Finish.
  13. Type in your password then click Sign.
    Sign Document  Sign As:  Passwo rd:  Simon Cubbin (Simon Cubbin) 202209.12  Certificate Issuer: Simon Cubbin  Appearance:  Standard Text  Simon  Digitally signed by Simon Cubbin  DN: cm—Simon Cubbin, 0=CT, ou,  Cubbin  co_uk. c=GB  Date: 201709.12 *0100'  Lock Document After Signing  Click Review to see if document content  may affect signing  Sign  Info...  Review...  Cancel
  14. Save the document.