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Dreamweaver is still one of the foremost tools for creating websites. This tutorial will take you step by step through how to create a basic website from scratch.

Creating a website from Scratch

How do you get started in Dreamweaver? Basically the very first thing that you do is what? This short video will take you through defining a site, setting Dreamweaver up for all of your web creation needs.

Your First Web Page

Now that you have established your root folder, you can now creeate your first page. This part of the tutorial will show you how to create your first web page. Also tutoring you in how to add a title to your web page.

Layout a Webpage in Dreamweaver

Step by step instructions on how to add divs to your web page and use CSS. You'll create a wrapper and 4 other divs to give you the main layout of your website.

Dreamweaver Banner Insert

Learn how to insert an image using Dreamweaver. In this case a banner at the top of the page. This is part 4 of a tutorial showing you how to create a webpage from scratch using dreamweaver

How to Hyperlink in Dreamweaver?

Creating hyperlinks is fundamental to every website. This tutorial will show you how to create a navigation bar. It will even let you know how to put in that little vertical line character to separate the hyperlinks.

CSS Background Dreamweaver

Using CSS to change the background colour of the page can be tricky. This tutorial will not only show you that but also how to change the font of the page.

The Copyright Symbol

Continuing in the how to make a website using Dreamweaver series you'll learn how to insert a copyright symbol. You'll also see how you can add a little bit of padding to the footer to give the text that you type a little breathing room.

Hyperlink CSS Style Dreamweaver

Tutorial showing you how to change the blue colour of hyperlinks to the colour of your choice. Using CSS you will also remove the underline that appears beneath hyperlinks by default.

Dreamweaver Rollover Text

Using CSS to create rollovers in Dreamweaver is relatively straight forward. This tutorial will show you how to use the CSS styles window to create a selector and use that selector to change the text colour.

Using Tables in Dreamweaver

This video will show you how you use tables in Dreamweaver. Although not ofter used nowadays because of the use of Divs however it will help get you started.