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Dreamweaver Tutoring - Creating a Website from Scratch - Part 1


Creating a website from scratch - Part 1

So you've finally got Dreamweaver however you're at a loss as where you should start. This series of videos will help you create a website from scratch. The website is based on a trip I took to Venice a few years ago. You'll add pictures hyperlinks to a basic layout using divs. You won't create the best looking website out there but it should get you to grips with the basics. Also this will be using the CC 2015 version of Dreamweaver however with a little adaptation you could use for other versions.

Start Dreamweaver

From the site menu choose New Site.

In the Site Name box type in a friendly name for your website, you can use spaces whatever you want.

Click the browse button to the right of the Local Site Folder text box to choose a folder on your computer where you wish to place all of your web files.

Create a new folder in your desired location called venice_site then press enter.(Note that the name of the folder is lower case with no spaces. You will also want to steer clear of any symbol characters. You can use and underscore or dash in the folder name.)

Click on the Select Folder button at the bottom.

Once you have done that click on the Save button at the bottom. Your new site is ready to add it's first page.

There are no exercise files for this training video all you need is a copy of Dreamweaver CC - preferably 2015.