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Using Dreamweaver to insert a banner - Dreamweaver Tutoring Part 4


Inserting a banner on a webpage using Dreamweaver

The basic layout of the page now completed you'll be wanting to place images. So let's start with the banner image. First of all if you want to follow along then download the exercise files. You'll then need to set up Dreamweaver to administrate the web site. See creating a website from scratch.

Open the index page.

Click to the right of the placeholder text in the baner div.

Click Insert - Image and locate the image.

Double click the venice_banner image to insert into the page.

If a dialog box appears asking you to copy from root folder click Yes.

With the banner inserted now delete the place holder text - Content for Id "banner" goes here.

The exercise files you need for this can be found here unzip them to a convenient location.