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Free Excel Online Training

Free Excel Online Training

Index Match Multiple Criteria

You are probably familiar with the Index Match function. What about Index Match with multiple criteria. In this free Excel training course you will see how to use the Index Match function as an array function allowing you to check data columns for multiple criteria.

Create a Pivot Table in Excel

You've heard about Pivot Tables from your friends and work colleagues. However you're not too sure as to what they are and how to use them. This online IT training video will show you how to create a pivot table.

Using Absolute References

You may have seen the dollar "$" symbols in Excel. Have you wondered what they mean and how using them can make your job easier. Find out how with our absolute references training video.


Here's the answer to the Transpose Function question I had in the previous video. In fact this tutorial has all you need to solve the Not Applicable and the zero error that's often displayed when you use this function.

Formatting Basics

Get the basics of formatting an Excel spreadhseet.

Prevent Duplicate Entries

Tutorial showing how to use data validation to prevent duplicate entries.

Using Conditional Formatting in Excel

You want a cell or a group of cells to change colour depending on a certain value. This particular exercise will show you how to use a formula to change the entire row to a specified colour. Then it will be easier for you to see.

Copying Down a Formula in Excel

You want to copy down a formula in Excel so that the formula applies to the cells beneath. This will save you repeatitively typing out the formula. This online IT training video will take you through the steps of accomplishing this.

Using VLookup in Excel Online Training

You have two list that you are constantly comparing. Wouldn't it be great if those lists were together. Or you need a result displayed in a cell based on another cells value. This online it training course will give an example of how to use the VLookup function.

Tables in Excel Online Training

From Excel 2007 a Tables feature was introduced. You may already be familiar with filters however Tables allow you to do more. From automatic format to a quick summary of data.

How to Calculate Between Worksheets

Having information on different Excel worksheets is great for organising data. However when it comes to consolidate the information there can be problems. This free Excel training video will show you how.

Operator Preference Training

Cast your mind back to your school days. This plus this multiplied by that and the answer comes out totally wrong. Or is it me? This online Excel free training course goes through the mystery which is operator preference.

Excel IF Function

The Excel IF function will allow Excel to make basic decisions for you. For example should you want give you sales persons a bonus when they reach their target. Their bonus will be based on the actual sales they have made. In this instance the Excel IF function can return a calculation if the result is true.

Installing PowerPivot

How can PowerPivot help you manage millions of records? How can you create relationships between tables in Excel? First you have to installing PowerPivot. This online training sessions shows you how.

Greying Out /Preventing Cell Access

This one was asked by a client who wanted to restrict the input of users based on what they have previously entered. For example if they entered Car in one cell then another cell is greyed out meaning you can't enter data.

How to do Percentages on Excel

Are you trying to work out how much as value is as a percentage? This may seem complicated but this free excel online training video will show you step by step on how to do percentages on Excel.

Copy and Paste Macro

Somebody else has created the code for you and you now have the task of copying and pasting the code into a new Excel file. To be honest though you're a little frightened. Well this video will help you out.

Countif 2 Criteria

Maybe you've use the countif function to count how many cells meet a given criteria. However what do you do should you want to count how many cells meet 2 different criteria. Then why not look at the countifs.

Pivot Table Slicer

Using slicer's in Pivot Tables have been around since 2010. But I bet even if you've heard of Pivot Tables you're not making the best use of Slicers. This free Excel video with give you some idea of the power of slicers.

Building Data Models with PowerPivot

Where do you start building a data model in PowerPivot? This training video will show you how to connect to a Microsoft Access database using PowerPivot in Excel 2013.

Creating Relationships in PowerPivot

When you import data, PowerPivot does it's best to pick up any relationships you have already within your data structure. But sometimes you just have to forge them yourself. This PowerPivot training video will show you how to create a basic relationship between two tables.

PowerPivot Calculate Function

Creating relationships in PowerPivot is one thing. Ensuring that the data is accurate is another. By understanding the Calculate function you can, among other things, view data from tables that aren't directly related to each other.

Sum by Month

A client wanted to know how you can use the AutoSum function to sum a range of figures to the previous month. This is the solution we discovered.

How to use Index Function

You may have heard of the Index Match function. But what about the Index function itself. This Excel training video explains the Index function.

Convert Dot to Comma Format

How do you convert the european number format (e.g. EURO 3.567,00) to the UK format (e.g. £ 3,567.00)? This short training video will show you how.

Excel Index Match

Using the Match function in conjunction with the Index function makes a pretty powerful combination. This free online Excel training video will give you a basic example of how to use it.

Monthly Loan Payments

Use this handy function that will allow you to beat the sales people at their own game when they offer you a loan payment schedule that seems a little suspect.

Index Match Example

Just what on earth can you do with the Index Match function? If you have viewed the Index Match video and you want another example of how you might use it then look no further. This video will show you how to use Index Match to find out which product you have sold the most of.

OR Formula - Free Excel Online Training

The OR formula, especially when nested inside an IF function, can be a powerful ally to anyone who needs to clear data for some reason or another. See how you can give a bonus to sales teams based on their performance.

Using Index Match, Multiple Critera to Compare Two Lists

You have two lists that you need to compare and retrieve information. But, you don't have a unique identifier for each row. This free online Excel tutorial will show you how to use Index Match with multiple criteria to display that information.

Excel MID Function

The MID function in Excel really needs to be used in conjunction with the FIND and the SUBSTITUTE function to get any value from it. Find out how in this comprehensive video.

Pivot Table Count Unique Values Excel 2010

Find unique values in a formula in Excel 2010, then use those values to create a Pivot Table. In this video you employ the SUM, IF, FREQUENCY and MATCH functions to calculate distinct values. The values can then be applied for usage within a Pivot Table. If you are using Excel 2013 or later you might want to check out the other Video doing it the easy way.

Sorting Pivot Tables

See how to sort data values within groups inside a Pivot table. Allows you to see what the best selling product is.

SUMIF Function

The SUMIF function is a great way to filter results of an autosum. Say for example you wanted to find out how much you spent on Cheese? The this is the function for you.

COUNTIF Function in Excel

This Excel training video will show you not only how to use the COUNTIF function on a basic level. It takes advantage of the greater than symbol so that you can use this COUNTIF function in conjunction with dates.

Change Comma to dot in Excel

Here you go! A little more straight-forward than using a formula but still a really effective way of changing a comma to a dot in Excel.


The NUMBERVALUE function in Excel can make it really easy for you to convert a dot to a comma, or a comma to a dot. I don't know why I didn't show you this earlier, however, this tutorial will show you how.

WhatIf Analysis using Data Tables

Tutorial showing you the value of using Data Tables for WhatIf Analysis in Excel 2016. You will also see how to bring in a VLOOKUP, Name Ranges a drop down list all wrapped up in a beautiful OFFSET function to create a dynamic drop-down list. You'll certainly pick up a few tips inside.

3 Ways to Transpose Data

Here we go! 3 ways to transpose data in Excel. From the basic copy and paste to the OFFSET function. If you need to constantly change data from rows to columns then this is the free Excel online training video for you.

Using Custom Views in a Spreadsheet

Custom Views is a great way to get you get your spreadsheet working for you. Flip between different filter and sheet views using this tutorial.

Using Flash Fill

See how you can use Flash Fill to speed up data entry. Split up names, correct incorrectly formatting dates. Once you've used Flash Fill, you'll wonder how you did without it.

Super Easy Accounts

Do you have to purchases a complex accounts system for your plastering business? No you don't. All you need is a spreadsheet, 15 mins and this tutorial video.

How to make Spreadsheets Look Good?

Getting your accounts accurate is one thing, making them look pretty and easy to read is another. This free Excel tutorial will show you how to format your accounts spreadsheet in Excel.

Calculate VAT in Excel

See how to calculate VAT in Excel. Working out either the Net from the Gross or the Gross from the Net is much easier and quicker than you could imagine.

Excel VAT Formula - Multiple Rates

This Excel accounts tutorial will show you how to add multiple rates of VAT into the same spreadsheet. You will also see how to predetermine figures with dropdown lists and create a running total.

How Much Money Made Last Month?

This tutorial video will show you how to work out how much money your business made last month? You'll also see how to work out what you spent on something along with how much money your business made in a quarter.

Pivot Tables for Beginners

See how to quickly create a Pivot Table from your accounting spreadsheet. Learn how to make your Pivot Tables easy to update and change the numbers to currency. See how to control two Pivot Tables at the same time.

Excel Financial Year Formula

See how to create a financial year formula, a financial quarter forumla and a custom list to make a Pivot Table from your accounts order by the financial year. Even if your financial year begins the 6th April.

Add Calculated Field to Pivot Table

See how to use Calculated Fields with Pivot Tables. As a result you will be able to write formulas within Pivot Tables. Work out the profit made then write a formula for the percentage.

Pivot Table Conditional Formatting

How do you use Conditional Formatting within a Pivot Table? Is it the same way as you would normally use conditional formatting in a spreadsheet? Well if you don't know the answer and you need to conditionally format data in a Pivot Table check out this training video.

Summary Sheet in Excel

Beginners tutorial on creating a summary sheet in Excel. Make good use of the SUMIF function and the UNIQUE function in Excel to make a simple sheet of summary data in Microsoft Excel.

SUMIF Excel Multiple Sheets

Tutorial showing how to use SUMIF in Excel across multiple sheets. Step by step instructions along with a breakdown of how, exactly, the funciton works. Test yourself out with a quiz to see how much of this Excel tutorial your remembered.