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Excel Accounts Tutorials

Accounts Tutorial Pt.1

Topics Covered:

In this Excel accounts tutorial you will see how to set up a spreadsheet to do simple accounts in Excel. So regardless of what profession you are in or if you want to add basic book keeping to your skills, in 15 minutes you will see the best way to set up an excel spreadsheet for book keeping.

  • Introduction to Basic Excel Terminology
  • How to Correctly Enter Dates in Excel?
  • Changing Numbers into Currency
  • How to Enter and Add up Expenses?
  • How to Enter and Add up Receipts?
  • How to Work out your Balance?
  • How to Work out a Running Total?

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Accounts Tutorial Pt.2

Topics Covered:

Exercise File Download - Should you want to follow along.

Want to know how to make your acccounts look good in Excel? This tutorial will show you how to format an Excel spreadsheet. You will learn:

  • Merge and Centre Cells
  • Change Background Colour
  • How to Change Font in Excel Sheet
  • Change Width in Excel for Multiple Columns
  • Drawing Lines in Excel
  • How to Freeze Panes in Excel
  • Excel Format Painter Multiple Cells

Step by Step written instructions

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Accounts Tutorial Pt.3

Topics Covered:

Released: Monday 11th January @11am

This simple short accounts tutorial will show you how to calculate VAT in Excel. You will see the formula you need to use to work out the net from the Gross and the Gross from the net.

  • How to Calculate the Gross from the Net
  • Working out the Net from the Gross
  • Referring to Cells so that you can update the VAT rate

Next - Integrating VAT into Accounts

Topics Covered:

In this Excel Accounts tutorial you will see how to integrate the VAT formula into the accounts spreadsheet you have been developing throughout this course.

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