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Excel Accounts Tutorials

Excel Accounts Tutorials

Accounts Tutorial Pt.1

Topics Covered:

In this Excel accounts tutorial you will see how to set up a spreadsheet to do simple accounts in Excel. So regardless of what profession you are in or if you want to add basic book keeping to your skills, in 15 minutes you will see the best way to set up an excel spreadsheet for book keeping.

  • Introduction to Basic Excel Terminology
  • How to Correctly Enter Dates in Excel?
  • Changing Numbers into Currency
  • How to Enter and Add up Expenses?
  • How to Enter and Add up Receipts?
  • How to Work out your Balance?
  • How to Work out a Running Total?

After you've watched see how much you can remember by taking quiz below.

Accounts Tutorial Pt.2

Topics Covered:

Exercise File Download - Should you want to follow along.

Want to know how to make your accounts look good in Excel? This tutorial will show you how to format an Excel spreadsheet. You will learn:

  • Merge and Centre Cells
  • Change Background Colour
  • How to Change Font in Excel Sheet
  • Change Width in Excel for Multiple Columns
  • Drawing Lines in Excel
  • How to Freeze Panes in Excel
  • Excel Format Painter Multiple Cells

Step by Step written instructions

After you've watched the above tutorial see how much your remember.

Accounts Tutorial Pt.3

Topics Covered:

This simple short accounts tutorial will show you how to calculate VAT in Excel. You will see the formula you need to use to work out the net from the Gross and the Gross from the net.

  • How to Calculate the Gross from the Net
  • Working out the Net from the Gross
  • Referring to Cells so that you can update the VAT rate

Step-by-Step written instructions

Accounts Tutorial Pt.4

Topics Covered:

After you have Calculated the VAT in Excel you will need this accounts tutorial. Here you will learn how to take the Excel VAT formula from the last tutorial and apply it to a whole column. Download Exercise File

  • Add different VAT rates to the same spreadsheet.
  • Work out how much of an amount is VAT.
  • How to add predetermined figures in Excel?

Step-by-Step written instructions along with completed template.

Accounts Tutorial Pt.5

Topics Covered:

See how to summarise your data to find out how much money your business made last month. This tutorial will take you through applying filters in Excel in conjunction with the Subtotal function to easily find answers to questions such as:

  • How to find out how much money your business made last month in Excel?
  • Work out how much you spent on something in Excel?
  • See how much money you made in a quarter.

Extra information and exercise file.

Accounts Tutorial Pt.6

Topics Covered:

This Pivot Tables for beginners tutorial will show you how to quickly create a Pivot Table that can be easily updated to display a summary of accounts. As a result you will quickly be able to see a summary of expenses in Excel.

  • See how to filter two Pivot Tables at the same time
  • Change the currency format of Pivot Tables
  • Do tables speed up your data in Excel?

Pivot Tables for beginners exercise file.

Accounts Tutorial Pt.7

Topics Covered:

Excel accounts video tutorial teaching you how to calculate the financial year in Excel. Also, see a financial quarter formula. After, you will apply the results to a Pivot Table. Finally, you will use a Custom List to get the Pivot Table properly sorted.

Excel accounts template downloads

Accounts Tutorial Pt.8

Topics Covered:

If you want to use formulas in Pivot Tables you're going to have to get your head around Calculated Fields. This Excel Accounts video will show you to use Calculated Fields to find profit and the percentage of profit.

Calculated Field exercise file

Accounts Tutorial Pt.9

Topics Covered:

Want an Excel accounts tutorial that will show you how to use Conditional Formatting in Pivot Tables and make it work. First, you must understand a few things about how to use Conditional Formatting with Pivot Tables. This Excel training video will show you how.

  • Whether Conditional Formatting in Pivot Tables is Possible
  • See what you need to do to use Conditional Formatting with Pivot Tables
  • Extra Excel Pivot Table tricks

Conditional Formatting Pivot Table template file

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