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Filtering a drop down list by another in Access 2016


One Combo box filters another

Want to know how to filter one drop down list by another drop down list in Access 2016? If so then here you go. This video will start off with a flat table of records. You will then see how you can use the make table query to create tables from the data that you already have.


02:16 - Using SELECT DISTINCT (Unique Values)
03:54 - Make a Table from a Query
07:50 - Creating a Relationship & Referential Integrity
10:38 - Filter Drop Down List
11:02 - Creating a Form
12:21 - Converting Text box to Combo Box. (Drop Down List)
13:10 - Using data from a table for Combo Box rows values
14:53 - Create the query to filter the rows on the Combo box
20:01 - Adding a Macro and why you need too
22:40 - Linking a Macro to an Event

You will then continue on to creating a relationship between the tables you will use for the drop down lists. Finally, after creating a form using the form wizard, you will see how you can filter one drop down list by another in Access 2016.

The data used here is based on computer repairs. The drop down list that will be filters is the device_subtype. The drop down list that will be doing the filtering is the device_type.

Just one thing! In order to get the filtering of drop-down lists more automated, you will create a macro that will refresh the form whenever one of the drop down lists are updated.

Terminology: Drop down lists are known as Combo Boxes in Access. However, no matter what you call them the results are the same.

Should you want to follow along with this tutorial, you can use the following exercise files:

Computers Access Database to follow along.

Completed file - if it goes wrong.

Three drop down list file. This is for those who want to add a 3rd dropdown list and have it update like in the tutorial.