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What is Floor Walking?

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A floor walking day or 1/2 day is when one of our experienced trainers "walks the floor" of your offices responding to individual queries, problems and tasks. That means:

  • Real time problem solving
  • Productivity is increased
  • Cost Effective
  • Time saving - Reduce the time you need to spend on weekly procedures
  • Bite-size training 100% applicable to your companies needs


Our experienced trainer will respond to individuals requests throughout the day, endeavoring to help as many people as possible. The trainer will suggest efficient ways for completing various tasks, and will patiently help individuals accomplish this. The trainer will be available later should further support be needed.


Individuals can fill in an online request form detailing:

  • Specific topics/tasks
  • Convenient time

Computer Tutoring can then liaise with you and your team to ensure that we use time as effectively as possible.

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Floor Walking scenario

Your team frequently uses Excel to deal with vast amounts of data. They need to quickly find and present information. Hours trawling through long spreadsheets and using ‘AutoSum’ eventually gives you the information you need. However having a 15 minute session on how to use a PivotTable will enable you to breakdown information and present it in an attractive table/chart format quickly. Thus saving you hours of work.

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