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Google Sheets Filter Function


Google Sheets Filter Function

The Google Sheets Filter function is a great function for extracting data from one source and displaying the data on another sheet. The one thing to remember about the Filter Function is that it must filter. It can't return all of the data, or not that I know of. So that being the case you can use the Query Function in conjunction with the Filter Function to get a pretty cool filter interface dashboard type sheet.

Try the following:
BTW: You can use this Spreadsheet, remember to upload it to Google Sheets first.

  • Get some data like follows

  • Go to another sheet and type the following Filter Function in cell A2

    =FILTER(Data!A2:J1000,Data!B2:B1000="John Wilson")
  • Your data should now look like
    Filter Function Google Sheets

You can follow the above tutorial to pick up a few handy guidelines as to how you might use this function to create a sort of custom filter dashboard.

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