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Google Sheets Tutotirals

It's amazing how many are switching over to Google Sheets. What with sheets being better at sharing along with access to all the email features etc from the Application Script it's no wonder.

Google Sheets Filter Function

Using the Filter Function in Google sheets is a great way to extract data from one sheet, filter it, then display the data on another sheet. This tutorial will also show you how you can use the Google Sheets Filter function in conjunction with the Query function for wildcard searching.

Conditional Format the Whole Row

Conditional formatting is a tool that makes it easy for you to see data that meets a certain criteria. Say for example if somebody is already employed, or not. Or an order is overdue. This tutorial will show you how to change the colour of the row within the data.

Cust. Class. Pt 1 VLOOKUP

This free tutorial will show you how to use Google Sheets to classify customers. You know give the customers an A,B or C ratinig depending on their spend. In fact you can apply the principles within this tutorial to any type of data classification.

Cust. Class. Pt 2 INDEX MATCH

Here you will learn how INDEX MATCH is a better way to classify your customers. From now on you won't touch VLOOKUP with a barge pole.

Cust. Class. Pt 3 IMPORTRANGE

Now you're aware of INDEX MATCH, take it to the next level and link to different sheets with the IMPORTRANGE formula.

Insert an Image in a Cell

This Google sheets tutorial will show you how to insert an image into a cell. Now you can work with images as if you would data. There are also exercise file that you can download and use to follow along.