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Google Sheets Tutorial: Insert Image in a Cell


How to Insert an Image into a Cell

Images in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is one of the most popular spreadsheet programs today. Everytime I train various companies I'm amazed at the various ways they are using this versatile spreadsheet program. Adding images has always been possible in Google Sheets for quite some time now. But now you can insert an image into a cell.

What are the Benefits of having an image within a cell?

So why would you need to insert an image into a cell? What are the benefits? Well, say that you have a list of car manufacturers and you are tracking data as to how many vehicles are being made over the course of a year. Now, you could just list the names of the companies. But wouldn't it be more engaging if you could use the company logo instead. Now you could just add images, as you did before, but if you could include those logos in with the data then that would mean you could sort or filter the pictures with the related data.

What this Google sheets tutorial will show you?

This Google sheets tutorial will show you how to insert an image so that you can work with it as if it were text data. You will then see how you can use this to simulate a chart. As of writing this I don't know of a way to include the images in a chart along the Axis' as if you would text so "Answers on a postcare please" :).

A5 Booklet Exercise Files

Shoud you want to follow along or see the completed file you'll find the equivalent Excel files here that you will need to upload. The files are zipped. So you will have to unzip them before you can use them.

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