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How to collect data from PDF forms? - Acrobat XI Pro

Collect PDF form data

So just how do you collect data from the forms you've distributed into one PDF form? Well here you go and guess what there is no complicated database code to learn.

  1. Open the First Email response in your inbox.
  2. Right Click on the Form attachment and choose Save As.
  3. Save the file in the same location as your distributed form but add a suffix indicating the name of the person from whom you have received the form.
    (For example My Appointment form_distributed Simon).
  4. Close Outlook or whatever email software you use.
  5. Back in Adobe Acrobat Pro Click Tools.
    (To save confusion it might be an idea to close down any forms that happen to be open).
  6. In the forms section click Track.
  7. From the Appoint form distributed box click on the response form.
    (It should be the one on the top of the list so in my case the response form was called: "My Appointment Form_responses").
  8. Click on View responses.
  9. Click Get Started.
  10. Click the Add button on the left.
    (The Add returned forms box opens).
  11. Click Add File.
  12. Select the forms you have saved.
  13. Click Open.
  14. Click OK.
    (If it get's stuck on the progress bar you may have to import the forms one by one. I'm currently looking for a solution to this).
  15. Once you have all the responses then you can export it by clicking Export then Export All
  16. You can then export all to a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. This file format will enable to use Excel to open the file.

How to create and distribute forms using PDF's shows how to send these forms out.