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How to create a button to link forms in Access


Why can't I create a button to link forms in Access?

You may have come across this issue. What issue I hear you cry? Well, you may have already tried using the form wizard in Access to create linked forms in Access 2016. That is you either choose to have linked forms instead of sub forms while going through the form wizard. Or you choose the command button, with the Control Wizard selected. You then go through the step by step process fully believing that you will create a button that will not only filter records based on their relationships, that is clicking on a customer and seeing that customer's orders. But will also allow you to easily add orders for that customer using the same form. This tutorial explains the problem so that you know what it is. The next video in the series will explain the solution to the problem.

It may be a good idea to start the Access training course from the beginning. So that you can create the files you need to undertake this exercise.