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How to do percentages on Excel


How to do percentages on Excel?

You have a list of training centres along with the revenue that has been produced over a certain period of time. Now you want to calculate how much each training centre has produced as a percentage.

Try the following:

Download the percentage file found at the bottom of this page.

Click on Cell C2 and enter "="

Then click on B2 which is the revenue for london.

Finish the formula which should read: =B2/SUM(B:B).

Instead of typing in the B:B you can click on the B column heading.

Next you naturally want to autofill the formula down to fill in the percentages for the rest of the training centres. But instead of doing this as you normally would, hold down the right mouse button then autofill down. You should see a menu appear.

Click Fill without formatting to fill down the percentages but without affecting the grey alternative row coloring.

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Calculating percentages exercise file.

You will need Microsoft Excel 2013 to complete this exercise.