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How to Install Power BI?


Before Installation

Power BI is Microsoft's answer to self service Business Intelligence. Allowing to load in data from Excel, Access, SQL and well pretty much anything. But before you go ahead and download consider:

  • Which version do I download?
  • Is the desktop version or the online version best?
  • Why PowerBI when I already have PowerPivot, Power Query and Power Map
  • Maybe you're wondering where you start with Power BI?

In fact the last question is answered right here. Installation! Here you will learn where to go to download Power BI and also which version you need to download 64 or 32bit? To be sure that you're using the right version do the following:

  • Open up Microsoft Excel. (In fact you can use any Office application but I'm guessing that at this level your going to be using Excel.
  • Click on the File Tab at the top.
  • Go down and select Account.
  • Click on the About Excel Button.
    About Excel Button
  • Note what bit version you have. See I have the 64bit version.
    Excel 64bit
  • So what does this mean? Well I need to download the 64bit version of Power BI. Watch the video for more details.

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