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How to make use of links panel in InDesign?


InDesign Links Panel

Make use of the Links Panel

Links Panel InDesignHow to make use of the links panel in InDesign? The links panel is a powerful window that enables you not only to keep a track on all links, but allows you to re-link them and view extra information. Using the links panel in InDesign CC can help you when you get that terrible: "Links are missing or modified" box that appears when you open an InDesign file that's been moved. This is common when the .indd file is on a network drive or you're using the cloud.

Some people find their links panel has disappeared. This video will show how to get the Links panel again. So, how to use the links window in InDesign? Although, at first, the Links panel looks like rocket science. Making good use of the Links panel will speed up your InDesign skills no end. Especially if you are using a template and you just want to swap images and other documents that are linked to your InDesign document.

Where is the Links Panel in InDesign?

First, you will need to know where the links panel is in InDesign. You can find the links panel from the window menu in InDesign.

  1. To start of with, click on Window from the Menu bar.
  2. Next, click on the Links Panel.