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How to Schedule an Email in Outlook 2016?

Schedule an Email in Outlook

You know the drill! You've been working ever so hard in fact up to 11 O'Clock on a Friday night and you don't want anyone else to know how hard you've been working. So what do you do? Well, you can set up your email to be sent at another time, a later time. In fact it would be better if this email was sent at 9:00am Monday morning.

This short training video shows you how to set up and email to be sent at a later time by using the delay delivery options in outlook.

  1. Create a New Email.
  2. In the new Email dialog box, click on the Options Tab to display the various Email sending options.
  3. Click the Delay Delivery button to the right.
    Delay delivery button - Outlook 2016
  4. In the delivery options section ensure that the Do not deliver before check box is checked.
  5. Enter the date and time that you wish the email to be sent.
    (Remember to set the time in the future).
  6. Click Close
  7. Complete your email sending it to whomever you wish.

So nowyour email will sit in your Outbox waiting to be sent out. I think you will agree this feature is extremely handy and hopefully whoever you send the email to will be none the wiser.