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How to use the Pen Tool in PhotoShop Part 4 (Combo Paths)


This time we're going to look at combination paths. You can download the Pen Tool combo exercise file, which will help you complete this exercise, using the link at the bottom of the page. Select the pen tool on the left hand side. we're going to draw the bat wing shape. Click on the A hold down the mouse button and drag to the red dot. Click on the B drag down to the red dot but don't let go of the mouse. Hold down the Alt key and bend the line up to the other red dot above. Then you can let go of the mouse then the alt key. Now go to point C and click and drag down to the red dot then let go. This is an open shape so you'll have to hold down the control key and click away to deselect the shape.

Let's try it again with the mousehole shape. Click once on the D hold the shift key and click E to draw a straight line. To change the direction of the next line hold down the Alt key then drag up to the red dot. click on point F drag down to the red dot and hold down the mouse and move the mouse pointer around a bit to line up the arc. Now to convert the final section into a corner point. To do this hold down the Alt key click once on point F then hold the shift key down and click point G. This will draw a straight line between point F and G. Delselct Ctrl Click.

The last one is the same as the mouse hole but in a different direction click on H then I. Hold down the Alt key and drag down to the red dot. Click on the J point and drag down to the red dot below. Alt click J then click on K to create the straight line.

If you want to know more and develop your skill in using the Pen tool then please have a look at our Photoshop CC beginners training course or Illustrator CC training course.

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Pen Tool Combo Exercise File

You will need Photoshop to complete this exercise.