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Hyperlink CSS style changing colour - Dreamweaver Tutoring Part 8

Hyperlink css changing colour

Those blue hyperlinks need to be changed, also the underline is pretty last century and not particularly attractive so let's get rid of them. First of all if you're following along and haven't completed the previous exercises then you can download them here. You'll then need to set up Dreamweaver to administrate the web site. See creating a website from scratch.

Open the index page.

Click in any of the hyperlinks at the top

From the quick tag selector select "a" to ensure the hyperlink in the navigation bar is selected.

Click on the plus next to selector in the CSS Designer panel

Click on the T in the properties section then click the colour swatch to the right of color.

Choose a dark red colour.

Scroll down to text-decoration in the properties section

Click on the none button.
(This is a box with a line crossed through it).

File - Save All.

File - Preview in Browser - Google Chrome to test in the browser.
(You can also press F12 on the keyboard to preview).

The exercise files you need for this can be found here unzip them to a convenient location.