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Illustrator - Polka Dot Pattern


How to use Illustrator to create a polka dot pattern

This course will show you how to use Adobe Illustrator to create a polka dot pattern swatch. Bascially you can use this to create any pattern.

Start with a blank Illustrator document.

Choose the ellipse tool on the left.
(You may have to hold the mouse down on the rectangle tool to access the ellipse tool).

Draw circles on the page creating your polka dot pattern.

Using the selection tool select the circles.

Drag the selected circles across to the swatches panel.

Use the pattern options panel to change exactly how you want your pattern to look.

Then ensuring you have the pattern selected draw your shape.

Please check out our Illustrator Training course should you want one of our trainers to come to your company.

There are no exercise files with this training session use any Illustrator file. That's right you can start this from a blank file.