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Importing Digital Signatures into and Acrobat PDF?

How to import digital signatures into an Acrobat PDF document?

A friend has exported a digital signature and has sent it to you. You now want to import the certificate on your machine so that you can install it.

  1. Edit - Preferences
  2. Select Signatures
  3. In the Identities & Trusted Certificates section click on More.
  4. Click Trusted Certificates from the list on the left.
  5. Digital ID and Trusted Certificates

  6. Click Import at the top of the box.
  7. import digital ID button

  8. In the Choose contacts to import box click on the browse button and choose the FDF file that your work colleague has sent you.
  9. Choose Contacts to Import  This dialog will allow you to select contacts to import into your trusted identities. You can also set the trust for  any certificates associated with the contacts being imported.  Co ntacts  Email  Simon Cubbin  Certifi cates  This list displays the certificates associated with the currently selected contact.  Subject  Help  ssuer  Expires  Import  Remove  Browse  Search  Details  Trust  Cancel

  10. Click Import.
  11. The import complete box should appear as:
  12. Import Complete box

  13. Click on OK and now every time that the same colleague signs and sends you PDF documents you can check whether or not they were in fact the person who signed the document.