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Links Panel - Free Online Training

These InDesign Tips on Links and use of the Links panel will help you discover the power of the links panel. If you're currently not using this panel you are basically wasting your time. That's because knowing how to make good use of the Links panel in InDesign is a must.

Create a New Document in InDesign

This InDesign online training free lesson will get you started in InDesign. It will show you how to create a new document, setting up the document size and the bleed. It'll even tell you about the slug.

Placing a Picture Using InDesign

This free online training course will show you how to place a picture using Adobe InDesign. You will also learn how to place the picture within the frame.

Liquid Layout

You have an A4 page and little time to convert it into a size suitable for digital publishing. This InDesign Tips video will show you how to use the Liquid Layout feature in InDesign to quickly change the page size.

InDesign Data Merge

A training video showing you how to start using the Data Merge feature in InDesign. Armed with this you can create customised brochures and leaflets.

Create Interactive PDF Form

This InDesign Tips video is a tutorial that won't want to skip. When you know how to create an Interactive PDF form in InDesign you will be able to create your own PDF forms. This is one of our most popular training videos.

InDesign Import Word

How do you import a large word document into InDesign? This video will also show you how to fully utilise master pages to speed up the layout of your page.

Distribute Objects Evenly

A simple training video will give you tips on how to distribute objects evenly using Adobe InDesign.

Get Consistent with Paragraph Styles

This tutorial video will show you how to use paragraph styles to get consistent with your text styling in Adobe InDesign. This subject is covered in detail in an instructor led InDesign training course.

How to Group Objects?

Grouping objects in InDesign helps you speed up and organise the design process. Discover how in this tutorial.

How to use the Info Panel?

Using the info panel with help you count number of words, position objects and finding unicode values. See how with this free tutorial.

Photoshop vs Illustrator vs InDesign

Do you really need Illustrator and Photoshop or can you get by with InDesign only. Find out the pros and cons of each of these Adobe Create Suite heavyweights.

Get Consistent - Character Styles

Get consistent with Character Styles. This 10 min tutorial will show you how to create basic character styles but will also show you how to nest Character Styles within Paragraph Styles.

InDesign Tips on Nested Lists

Here you will learn how to create nested bullet and numbered lists in InDesign. You will also see how to use styles to apply these lists.

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