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InDesign Tutorial: Get Consistent with Paragraph Styles


Using Paragraph styles in InDesign

What are Paragraph styles?

Using paragraph styles will help you not only to aid consistency in your InDesign documents, they will also increase your speed and efficiency. In this tutorial you will learn:

  • How to create paragraph styles
  • Editing paragraph styles
  • Using Quick Styles to speed up applciation of Styles
  • Updating paragraph styles

Along with the above during this tutorial you will also learn how to:

Add Paragraph Spacing

Adding spacing between your paragraphs will make your text more readable. Basically, it will create a more relaxed layout making it more attractive to the reader.

Increasing the Leading (Ledding) or Line spacing

The Leading, pronounced Ledding, is the spacing between the lines. Otherwise known as line-spacing did you know that the line-spacing is called leading because in the old days when the printing press was used, line spacing was created by adding small slithers of lead between the wooden type blocks.

Creating extra leading again creates a more relaxed look to your document. If your leading is too close it can be actually stressful looking at the document.

One other thing to note is that if there are brackets around the leading it means that automatic leading is applied. The result is that your leading will increase or decrease depending on the font size. Once you have set your font size the leading becomes fixed. This means that your lines can look too close together should you increase your font size. That being the case it's good practice to fine tune your leading after you've chosen your font size.

Adding Lines using Paragraph styles

You can add lines, or borders, to paragraphs. This is great for seperating headings with body text or for general segmentation.

Paragraph Styles Exericses

To get the best from this tutorial you should download this exercise file so you can follow along. So what are you waiting for? Let's download today.