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Liquid Layout in InDesign

How to use Liquid Layout in InDesign?

You know the scenario. Time is precious and you need to get a brochure adapted for another medium as quickly as possible. Liquid layout in conjunction with the Page Tool can speed things up for you tremendously.

  1. Click on the Page Tool
  2. Then from the top from the Liquid Page Rule menu choose object based.
  3. Now click on the picture at the top of the page and ensure that the line is wavy. This will mean the object will adjust in size in that direction.
  4. Do the same with the Text boxes
  5. From the File menu click on Document Setup
  6. Choose Digital Publishing from the Intent Menu
  7. Ensure IPad is selected from the Page Size Menu then click OK.
  8. Now some tidying up click the black selection tool.
  9. Right click on the picture then go to fitting and fill frame proportionally
  10. Now adjust the Text boxes to fit neatly within the margins.
  11. Use the Gap tool hover over the gap between the picture and the text boxes and note the grey line that appears.
  12. Click and drag down to adjust the picture frame to reveal part of the picture. Note that the text boxes are adjusted as well.

Liquid layout Exercise File

You can use the above exercise file as a starting point for this InDesign Online training video, you will need InDesign CC to open the zip file.