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Microsoft 365 User Training

Microsoft 365 User Training

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Microsoft 365 User Training - What is it?

A Microsoft 365 user training course will help you understand exactly what your Microsoft 365 suite is capabable of. It could be that many things you just didn't think possible in the past is now within your grasp.

How Microsoft 365 Pick & Mix Training Works?

Because there are so many fabulous applications available in Microsoft 365, we felt it just wouldn't be fair to spend the entire day on one application when only half a day would suffice. Also, you need to use many of these Microsoft 365 applications in conjunction with each other to get the very best out of them. So that's why we've created the Pick & Mix Microsoft 365 user training option. Choose from a course that you see below, or pick two applications of your choice. If you're not sure whether not two programs will work together simply contact us and ask. Now you can be sure that you're getting the best value for money by seeing how these applications work together.

What Courses Are Included in Our Microsoft 365 User Training?

Microsoft 365 offers a suite of software applications that have been enhanced and refined over time. To help users navigate these changes and harness the full potential of the suite, we've designed a unique "pick and mix" training approach. In a single day, participants in our Microsoft 365 user training will explore two applications, understanding not just their individual features but also how they can be integrated for maximum efficiency.

Office 365 Teams User Training Teams: Microsoft Teams has transformed the way we communicate. Instead of sifting through countless emails in Outlook, Teams allows for swift and direct communication. Our training dives deep into Teams, highlighting its features and demonstrating how it can be used to share files and coordinate schedules effortlessly.
Microsoft Office 365 Forms User Training Forms: Creating a form used to require a web development team or costly contractors. With our Microsoft 365 Forms training, users learn to design forms efficiently and understand how to channel form results into an Excel spreadsheet.
Planner Office 365 User Training Planner: Planner is all about ensuring projects are well-managed from start to finish. Our training emphasizes its synergy with Teams, teaching users how to organize tasks and projects seamlessly.
Sway Office 365 User Training Course Sway: Microsoft Sway is a game-changer for presentations. Our Microsoft 365 user training for Sway guides participants in crafting interactive reports that stand out from traditional PowerPoint slides.
OneNote Office 365 User Training Course OneNote: OneNote is more than just a note-taking tool. Our training session delves into its features, showing users how to integrate it with other Microsoft 365 applications for a streamlined experience.
Power BI Office 365 User Training Course Power BI: Data analysis is made simple with Microsoft Power BI. In our training, users discover how to create visuals and dashboards, making data interpretation and sharing a breeze.
OneDrive Office 365 User Training Course OneDrive: Cloud storage is the future, and OneDrive is leading the way. Our OneDrive training teaches users how to collaborate using this tool, ensuring they can access and share files securely and efficiently.
Stream Office 365 User Training Course Stream: Microsoft Stream offers a plethora of video-related features. Our training showcases its capabilities, from video trimming to sharing, and highlights its integration with other Microsoft 365 tools.
Outlook Office 365 User Training Course Outlook: Since its inception, Outlook has been the go-to for communication and organization. Our Microsoft 365 user training for Outlook brings users up to speed with its latest features, ensuring they can communicate and organize more effectively than ever.
Excel Office 365 User Training Course Excel: Excel is the backbone of data analysis and spreadsheet management. Our Excel training equips users with the knowledge to perform complex calculations, create dynamic reports and charts, and use PivotTables effectively.
Word Office 365 User Training Course Word: Microsoft Word is essential for creating professional documents. Our training covers everything from basic formatting to advanced features like document collaboration and mail merge, ensuring users can produce high-quality documents efficiently.
PowerPoint Office 365 User Training Course PowerPoint: PowerPoint enables users to create impactful presentations. Our training sessions explore how to use templates, animations, and multimedia to make presentations more engaging and memorable.
Power Apps Office 365 User Training Course Power Apps: Power Apps allows users to build custom apps with no coding experience. Our training demystifies the process, showing how to easily create apps that streamline workflows and improve business processes.
Power Automate Microsoft 365 User Training Course Power Automate: Automating repetitive tasks is key to efficiency. Our Power Automate training teaches users how to create workflows that save time and reduce errors, connecting apps and services with seamless automation.
SharePoint Office 365 User Training Course SharePoint: SharePoint is the heart of document and knowledge management within many organisations. Our training guides users through creating and managing sites, sharing documents securely, and collaborating with colleagues, enhancing team productivity.

Microsoft 365 User Training Suggested Courses

Although you are welcome to pick any two of the above applications, courses of which can be covered within a day. We would like to suggest the following courses that work particular well with each other. You know, sometimes things are born to be together. Like ham & eggs or fish and chips. So make the best use of your Microsoft 365 user training by selecting some of the course combinations you'll find below.

Microsoft Teams & Forms User Training

Microsoft Teams and Forms Training CourseTeams and Forms Microsoft 365 user training will show you why and how you should use forms to collate information within your organisation. Learn:

Microsoft 365 Forms and Teams full course outline.

Sway & Teams in Action: Microsoft 365 User Training

Microsoft Sway and Teams Training CourseIn the digital age, presentations have evolved beyond static slides and bullet points. Enter Sway, Microsoft's innovative online reporting and presentation tool. With Sway, you're not just presenting; you're crafting an interactive narrative. Viewers of your Sway are treated to a dynamic experience, complete with interactive features like comparison tools, slideshow elements, and stacks. Whether you're showcasing a project, sharing a report, or telling a story, Sway ensures your content is both engaging and memorable.

But what's a captivating presentation without an effective sharing platform? That's where Microsoft Teams comes into play. With our Sway and Teams Microsoft 365 user training, you'll learn to seamlessly integrate these tools. Instead of merely broadcasting a presentation and hoping your audience stays engaged, you empower them to explore the content at their own pace. Whether you're sending a link during a meeting or sharing your Sway directly within Teams, you ensure your presentation reaches its audience in the most impactful way.

Microsoft 365 User Training: Mastering Microsoft Planner Integrated with Teams

Teams and Planner Office 365 Training Course

Ever felt swamped by a project, staring at a long list of tasks and wondering how to manage them all? You're not alone. Our specialised Microsoft 365 user training for Microsoft Planner and Teams is tailored to address such challenges. With this training, you'll gain the expertise to efficiently set up, organise, and delegate tasks. The hands-on approach ensures you understand the nuances of task management, from creation to delegation, ensuring no task slips through the cracks.

But that's not all. The training doesn't stop at task management. As the course progresses, you'll be guided on how to monitor the progress of each task, ensuring your project remains on track. By its conclusion, you'll have the skills to craft a comprehensive project report that reflects your hard work. And to foster collaboration and open communication, you'll learn the ins and outs of sharing this report within Microsoft Teams, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Unlocking Seamless Collaboration: Microsoft 365 User Training for OneNote & Teams

Microsoft OneNote and Teams Training CourseNote-taking has always been a fundamental aspect of our daily lives, whether it's jotting down a fleeting idea, capturing study notes on a complex topic, or like me, chronicling the intricate features of applications we're passionate about. But the age-old dilemma remains: where do you store these notes? Traditional methods, like scribbling on a piece of paper, are prone to getting lost or misplaced. Enter OneNote, Microsoft 365's modern solution to note-taking. Our dedicated OneNote and Teams Microsoft 365 user training course delves deep into the capabilities of OneNote, ensuring you never lose a note again.

But OneNote's prowess doesn't end at just note-taking. When integrated with Teams, another powerhouse from the Microsoft 365 suite, it transforms into a collaborative tool. Our training emphasises this synergy between OneNote and Teams. By the end of the course, you'll master the art of sharing notes within Teams, allowing team members not just to access but also to contribute and edit. This collaborative approach ensures that everyone is aligned, informed, and working in harmony.

Harnessing Data Dynamics: Power BI & Teams Microsoft 365 Training Session

Power BI and Teams TrainingIn today's digital age, data pours in from a myriad of sources: websites, databases, spreadsheets, and more. But raw data, no matter how vast, lacks impact without the right tools to visualise and share it. That's where our specialised Power BI and Teams Microsoft 365 user training comes into play. Dive deep into the capabilities of Power BI, Microsoft's premier data visualisation tool. By the end of the course, you'll be adept at crafting interactive dashboards that breathe life into numbers, making data not just understandable but also engaging.

But a compelling dashboard is only as good as its reach. Integrating Power BI with Teams, another gem from the Microsoft 365 suite, ensures your insights are accessible to all relevant stakeholders. Our training emphasises this seamless integration. You'll learn to embed your Power BI dashboard directly into a Microsoft Teams channel, ensuring that team members can easily access, discuss, and make informed decisions based on the data at hand.

Outlook and Teams User Training

Microsoft Outlook and Teams Training CourseWhen should you use Outlook, and when should you use Teams? If it seems to you that Microsoft Teams has confused the landscape of office communication you wouldn't be alone. Take a Microsoft Teams and Outlook user training course to see how to use these two applications together. Learn how to use the Teams and Outlook calendars in conjunction with each other. Find out the answers to common problems when using this two Microsoft 365 organisation and communication tools.

OneDrive and Teams User Training

Microsoft OneDrive and Teams Training CourseOneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Two applications that are powerful in their own right. But put them together and you have collaboration within your organisation that you probably didn't think possible before. But do you need one to use the other? Which one is the best for file sharing? How do I security to a file or folder I want to share? Understand more about when and why you should use OneDrive over Teams and vice versa on a Microsoft 365 user training course for OneDrive for business and Teams.

Forms, Teams and Sway User Training

Forms Stream and Sway User Training CourseMicrosoft Forms is part of your Microsoft 365 tenant. Using Forms you can quickly create interactive online forms and collect the data in an Excel spreadsheet. Microsoft Stream enables you to transcribe and Edit videos you can use Forms to add that extra level of interactivity. Microsoft Sway is the online reporting/presentation tool that will allow you to share the forms and videos you have created. Take a Forms, Teams and Sway user training course to find out how to best use these amazing tools you have at your fingertips.

PowerPoint and Teams Microsoft 365 User Training

Microsoft PowerPoint and Teams Training CoursePowerPoint and Teams Microsoft 365 user training will show you how to bring these two fantastic software applications with Microsoft Teams. Not only will you see how to prepare presentations for use on PowerPoint. But you will also see how to use the screen presentation view in Teams to give a professional presentation.

PowerPoint & Teams full course outline

Forms Sway Microsoft 365 User Training

Forms and Sway User Training CourseForms and Sway Microsoft 365 user training will be just the skill you need to not only create an effective interactive form, but also distribute the form in a manner that will encourage people to fill it out.

  • Creating Forms
  • Generating QR codes
  • Create Online Interactions in Sway

Forms & Sway Microsoft 365 user training full course outline

Forms and OneDrive Microsoft 365 User Training

Forms and OneDrive Office 365 User Training CourseForms and OneDrive Microsoft 365 user training will show you how to create a form and share the form data with others using OneDrive.

Forms & OneDrive Microsoft 365 user training full course outline

Excel and Forms Microsoft 365 User Training

Excel and Forms Office 365 User TrainingExcel and Forms Microsoft 365 user training will show you how these two software applications are the perfect match. Learn:

Excel & Forms Microsoft 365 user training full course outline

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