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London Testimonials


Super useful, I can easily see already some application that I can adopt to improve my excel skills!

Royal Albert Hall

Simon was engaging, funny and patient with us. He managed to take some basic concepts in Excel and make them sound compelling, all with enthusiasm and passion. As well as this, Cindy was quick to get back to us once bookings were confirmed, even when we changed things around a few times. The course was ran and carried out excellently. Thank you!

Ark Walworth Academy

"Excellent, very informative and brilliant trainer. Really enjoyed the session and came away with lots of knowledge. Very pleased that we will have support for the next month following training."

"The training experience was really good. Simon explained each process step by step power automate training session."

Metabolic Healthcare ltd


Microsoft Access 365 Training Course London Beginners

Microsoft Access 365 Training Course Beginners training London

Microsoft Access 365 Training Course Beginners London

No matter where you happen to be within London then we can come to you to carry out Access training in London.

Our courses are:

  • Enjoyable
    • We go out of our way to ensure you enjoy the course. After all if you are in a relaxed mood you are more likely to learn.
  • Flexible
    • Work on your project
    • Create your own book
    • Edit your own photographs

We are able to cover central London and come to your offices to deliver training. Covering areas including Westminster and Parliament square across to the Tower Hamlets. From the top of Oxford Street across to St. Pauls. We can come to you and set everything up at your office or home.

That's right we can also provide laptops with Microsoft Access 365 Training Course already loaded on. We can also bring a projector should you need it as we know getting hold of one can sometimes be a hassle. The only thing we really require for Access training in London is a room.

So we can help you set up by preparing your Access training course in London. Just let us know what you need.

If however, try as you may, you cannot find room at your place of work then you can use offices close to you. Because we understand how difficult it is to find a free meeting room at work.

We can use offices convenient to you.

If Access training in London outline is not what you require, then have a look at the many other training courses in London. We can also tailor your course using projects you're currently working on.

We now are delivering PowerApps training courses from a 2 days or a 1 day beginners/intermediate PowerApps Forms Training Course.

Access Training Course London Beginners Overview

Unlock the power of data management with our Microsoft Access 365 Beginners Course. Tailored for both novices and those with limited database experience, this Microsoft Access 365 course equips you with the essential skills to operate Microsoft Access effectively. Our hands-on training delves into creating databases from scratch, formulating queries, and generating detailed reports, among other key functions. The latest Access 365 features, including improved data visualisation and enhanced workflow options, are covered to ensure a well-rounded understanding of the platform.

By the end of this course, delegates will learn to:

  • Navigate the Microsoft Access interface and utilise database templates.
  • Work with table data, including sorting, filtering, and data integrity through lookup fields.
  • Create and customise basic to advanced queries for data retrieval and analysis.
  • Generate readable reports, complete with controls and customisable themes.
  • Design relational databases, manage fields, and understand table relationships for optimised data storage and retrieval.
  • Length of Course: 1 Day

    Classroom based Beginners Access London Prices from:

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    Course Duration: 1 Day.

    Floor Walking

    If a whole day is more that you spare then please take a look at our Floor Walking service. It could be just what you are looking for.

    If you are interested in this course fill out the following form for further details:

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    Microsoft Access training is available for online and in person training.

    All you need to know about our Live Online Training.

    Live Online Training

    See a list of our Microsoft Access Training Courses

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    Microsoft Access 365 Training Course London Beginners

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