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Ipswich Testimonials

Bolton Brothers Ltd

"The training session was very helpful. It was great to gain a better understanding of the other apps available on One Drive. Simon broke down everything into bitesize information and made it very easy to understand. Thank you"


"Alan was a very enthusiastic tutor. I learned a lot of different tricks to Power BI that I didn't know about before. Good supplemental material."


"Great, sign me up for the next course please. Will make my life so much easier and interested to know more."

AXA Insurance

"The trainer made what could have been a rather dull subject interesting. He tried hard to make it relevant to our day to day use of XML"

Microsoft Project 365 Training Course Ipswich Advanced

Microsoft Project 365 Training Course Advanced training course Ipswich Willis building

Microsoft Project 365 Training Course Advanced Ipswich

Belstead Road

The Belstead Brook Hotel sits in nine acres of tranquil gardens, alongside a willow-lined stream. The original 16th Century hunting lodge is still very much at the heart of the hotel, housing a restaurant, bar and private dining rooms. An ideal place for training the Microsoft Project 365 Training Course Advanced.

Alternatively if you live in and around Ipswich and wish to have your training on-site the we can provide all the equipment, included laptops & projector, required. All we ask is that you provide a little space for the trainer to set up.

Apart from Microsoft Project 365 Training Course training we conduct many other training courses in Ipswich.

Project Training Course Ipswich Advanced Overview

Elevate Your Project Management Skills to the Next Level with this Microsoft Project 365 Advanced Training Course.

Are you ready to advance your expertise in Microsoft Project 365? Our Advanced Training Course offers the ideal opportunity to continue your educational journey. As the second part of our in-depth two-part series, this course is designed to enhance the foundational skills you gained in Part One. Upon finishing the course, you will be adept at navigating the intricacies of the Project environment, structuring tasks efficiently, personalising your project views, and generating meaningful reports.

Managing the Project Environment:

Begin by unlocking the capabilities of linked projects. Explore the creation and utilisation of resource pools, set project baselines, delve into custom fields, and personalise your project settings for a tailored experience.

Managing Task Structures:

Broaden your grasp of task management by learning how to alter task lists, generate network diagrams, and oversee the critical path of your project. You''ll also gain proficiency in using lag and lead times, updating your project work, and performing earned value analysis.

Generating Project Views:

Attain a solid understanding of how to adapt Microsoft Projectís views to meet the specific requirements of your project. Learn how to adjust data displays, take advantage of existing views, design custom views, and explore the functionalities of the Timeline view.

Producing Project Reports:

Conclude your advanced training by becoming a master in the art of reporting. Discover how to utilise built-in reports for quick insights, create bespoke reports for particular needs, and export visual reports to Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Visio for deeper analysis.

By the end of this course, students will learn to:

  • Link multiple projects and create resource pools for optimised resource management.
  • Establish and work with project baselines.
  • Personalise project settings and work with custom fields.
  • Alter task lists and oversee a projectís critical path.
  • Design and personalise project views, including the Timeline view.
  • Produce a range of reports, both built-in and bespoke, and export them to Microsoft Excel and Visio.

Length of Course: 1 Day

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Course Duration: 1 Day.

Floor Walking

If a whole day is more that you spare then please take a look at our Floor Walking service. It could be just what you are looking for.

If you are interested in this course fill out the following form for further details:

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Microsoft Project training is available in person and online.

All you need to know about our Live Online Training.

Live Online Training

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