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Luton Testimonials

Doppelmayr Cable Car

"This course shows me how to use Excel in a very good and understandable presentation"


"Simon was a fantastic trainer, and had a lot of fun within his session. It was highly interactive, and he was able to answer any questions I had. He used the screen to show certain parts and explain terminology. We also started to learn more intermediate tasks as we blitzed through the training! Happy to have more training from him. "

"Excellent. Very informative and engaging. A good mix of content delivered"

London Luton Airport

"Pitched to the room well, content was perfect for the staff that attended. Looking forward to using some of the skills I have learnt. Will look at next steps and how we develop."

"The training was super helpful and beneficial, I will definitely be taking back great knowledge and applying it to my role at London Luton Airport! Thanks Simon, I really approve it."

Middlesex University Student Union

"Great, easy to follow, trainer is very friendly and I have come away with skills to use excel. Thank you so much for all the help!"

Microsoft Project 365 Training Course Luton Beginners

Beginners Microsoft Project 365 Training Course training course Luton

Microsoft Project 365 Training Course Beginners Luton

Computer Tutoring has been training companies in and around Luton for a little while now. Admiral Group, Thomson, Easyjet, Europa Components, GKN Aerospace and more.

We can come to you with all the equipment necessary to conduct the training course at your premises.

Using offices in Capability green makes it possible for you to get out of the office and learn free from distractions.

960 Capability Green
United Kingdom

Luton Capability Green is ideally situated at the end of a boulevard on the Capability Business Park. Located approximately 30 miles from central London, the Centre offers easy access to the M1 motorway and London Luton Airport. An ideal spot for your Beginners Microsoft Project 365 Training Course.

Alternatively if you live in and around Luton and wish to have your training on-site the we can provide all the equipment, included laptops & projector, required. All we ask is that you provide a little space for the trainer to set up.

Project Training Course Luton Beginners Overview

In today's fast-paced work environment, effective project management is more critical than ever. Microsoft Project 365 stands as one of the leading tools for orchestrating simple to complex projects. Our comprehensive Microsoft Project 365 beginners course is designed to equip you with the essential skills you need to manage projects like a pro.

Starting a Project:

Our course kicks off with the fundamentals. Learn the principles of Project Management 101, get acquainted with the Microsoft Project 365 interface, and discover how to add tasks and resources to your project. We ensure you build a strong foundation before diving into more advanced topics.

Working with Project Calendars:

Understanding timelines is vital in project management. In this module, you'll learn how to manage your projects time frames effectively and modify working hours to suit your teams needs.

Working with Project Tasks:

Tasks are the backbone of any project. This lesson provides in-depth insights into task management. You'll learn how to add summary tasks and milestones, making your project tracking more robust and intuitive.

Working with Project Resources:

Managing resources is just as crucial as managing time. This section delves into resource allocation, ensuring you understand how to allocate and level your work resources efficiently.

Delivering a Project Plan:

The ultimate goal is to deliver a successful project. Our final lesson outlines the steps for sharing and exporting your project plans, as well as printing different project views for stakeholder presentations.

Join us and master the art of project management with Microsoft Project. Whether you're a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, this course is tailored to bring your project management capabilities to the next level.

We look forward to helping you become proficient in Microsoft Project!

During this 1 day course you will learn how to:

  • Start a Project
  • Work with Project Calendars
  • Work with Project Tasks
  • Work with Project Resources
  • Deliver a Project Plan

Length of Course: 1 Day

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Course Duration: 1 Day.

Floor Walking

If a whole day is more that you spare then please take a look at our Floor Walking service. It could be just what you are looking for.

If you are interested in this course fill out the following form for further details:

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Microsoft Project training is available in person and online.

All you need to know about our Live Online Training.

Live Online Training

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Microsoft Project 365 Training Course Luton Beginners

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