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MS Access OpenArgs


What is OpenArgs in MS Access

When passing information from one form to another, you may have heard someone talk about using OpenArgs in Access. What are OpenArgs? How do you use them to pass data from one form to another. In this way you can click on a customer record and not only see all the related records. You can also add new records to the related table using the form you have just opened. Now this may seem something that should be easy to do. However, give it a go! Try the Access form link video to see the problem. You'll soon discover that it doesn't quite work as planned. Hence the OpenArgs VBA command. This tutorial will show you how you can use the OpenArgs command to not only open another form via a button. But it will show you how you can pass data from the form you clicked on. Thereby passing data onto another form and using that data to populate a text box which is of course the foreign key in a related table.

Now if the above sounds like gobbledygook to you then I strongly suggest that you start at the beginning of this set of training videos that tutor you on how to create a database in Access 2016.

It may be a good idea to start the Access training course from the beginning. So that you can create the files you need to undertake this exercise.