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Office 365 User Training

Office 365 User Training

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Office 365 User Training - What is it?

A Office 365 user training course will help you understand exactly what your Office 365 suite is capabable of. It could be that many things you just didn't think possible in the past is now within your grasp.

How Office 365 Pick & Mix Training Works?

Because there are so many fabulous applications available in Office 365, we felt it just wouldn't be fair to spend the entire day on one application when only half a day would suffice. Also, you need to use many of these Office 365 applications in conjunction with each other to get the very best out of them. So that's why we've created the Pick & Mix Office 365 user training option. Choose from a course that you see below, or pick two applications of your choice. If you're not sure whether not two programs will work together simply contact us and ask. Now you can be sure that you're getting the best value for money by seeing how these applications work together.

What Office 365 Courses Are Included?

In Office 365 you get access to software applications with features that are different to before. This is why we've created our pick and mix special. That's right! In one day you will not only see the features and potential of two applications from the Office 365 tenant, you can also see how those two applications should work together.

Office 365 Teams User Training Microsoft Teams User Training - is all about communication. Before Teams you would most likely send an email to a colleague through Outlook. Trouble is, what with the amount of email's that we get each day, it's so easy to miss. With Teams you quickly communcate with others, sharing files and schedules with ease.
Microsoft Office 365 Forms User Training Microsoft Forms User Training - It used to be if you wanted a form created you would need to speak to web development team, or call in contractors at great expense. This Microsoft Forms training course, will give you best practices in creating forms. You will also see how to get the form results into a basic Excel spreadsheet.
Planner Office 365 User Training Microsoft Planner User Training - Make sure that your projects are assigned, monitored and completed. Planner is a simple to use tool that works in conjunction with Teams. It's purpose? To allow you to easily organise your task so that you can get things done. Our Planner Office 365 user training course will show you how to use planner together with Microsoft Teams so you get the best out of this product.
Sway Office 365 User Training Course Microsoft Sway User Training - Use Microsoft Sway to create a report, an interactive report that will blow the socks off any PowerPoint presentation. You can use sway with pretty much any of the other Office 365 applications and attending a user training course will give you the key to unlock the potential of this powerful tool.
Sway Office 365 User Training Course Microsoft OneNote User Training - Get the best from this note taking tool available in Office 365. Not only will you never lose a note again. But you will see how to harness this application with other applications so that you can get the best out of it. See how to organise and share your notes on any device.
Power BI Office 365 User Training Course Microsoft Power BI User Training - This is a free, that's right free, data analysis tool available from Microsoft. In this short user training course you will see how to use this tool to create simple visuals and dashboards bringing your data to life. You will also learn different methods of sharing your dashboards so others can interact with them.
OneDrive Office 365 User Training Course Microsoft OneDrive User Training - Cloud storage, it's what everyone is using these days. The ability to be able to store information, with the convenience of being able to access it from anywhere, is an attractive proposition. Moreover, it is becoming more necessary in the working world of today. A OneDrive Office 365 user training course will teach you how OneDrive should be used alongside other Office 365 applications. Learn how to share your files, collaborate together and add security with OneDrive user training.
Stream Office 365 User Training Course Microsoft Stream User Training - Video trimming, sharing, transribing and adding interactions are all possible with Microsoft Stream. Whether you've recorded a meeting or you wish to record the screen a Microsoft Stream user training course will show you the potential of this powerful application. See how Microsoft Stream should be used alongside other applications in the Office 365 suite to engage productivity through visual media.
Stream Office 365 User Training Course Microsoft Outlook User Training - Emails, appointments, tasks and more. Outlook was launched July 4th 1996 and since that time it has become the defacto communication and organisation tool within companies around the world. However, recently Office 365 has changed how people use Outlook. An Office 365 Outlook user training course will show you up to date features that are now within Outlook. See how those updates can improve the already robust tools that have become part and parcel of everyday life.

Office 365 User Training Suggested Courses

Although you are welcome to pick any two of the above applications, courses of which can be covered within a day. We would like to suggest the following courses that work particular well with each other. You know, sometimes things are born to be together. Like ham & eggs or fish and chips. So make the best use of your Office 365 user training by selecting some of the course combinations you'll find below.

Microsoft Teams & Forms User Training

Microsoft Teams and Forms Training CourseTeams and Forms Office 365 user training will show you why and how you should use forms to collate information within your organisation. Learn:

Office 365 Forms and Teams full course outline.

Microsoft Sway & Teams User Training

Microsoft Sway and Teams Training Course Sway, the new online reporting and presentation tool allowing anyone who views your Sway to benefit from interactive presentation features including comparison tools, slideshow tools and stacks. Once your Sway has been created, you will need an application to share your presentation. The perfect tool for the job, Microsoft Teams. Now, instead of running through a presentation not ever being sure if your attendees have paid attention or not. You can use this Microsoft Sway with Teams user training course to create a presentation that allows them to go through the presentation at their own pace. Send someone a link through a meeting or share your Sway as an application in Teams.

Microsoft Planner with Teams User Training

Teams and Planner Office 365 Training Course

Have you had a project that you need to complete? Maybe you've drawn up a list of tasks but it's just too much for you to do by yourself. A Microsoft Planner and Teams user training course will help you not only create and organise tasks, but will also show you how to assign tasks to others with the ability to keep an eye on their progress. Then, as part of the training course, you will produce a professional project report. Finally, you will share that report in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft OneNote & Teams User Training

Microsoft OneNote and Teams Training Course Making notes has always been essential. That quick item that you want to follow up, to study notes on a particular subject. I personally love to make notes about the features within applications that I train. Trouble is where to note it down. If you write the note on a piece of paper it may get lost. Also maybe you want to share the note with others. OneNote is the Office 365 way of notetaking and our OneNote and Teams Office 365 User Training Course will help you see how OneNote and Teams work together. Because by using Teams in conjunction with Microsoft OneNote you will be able to share notes with your Team allowing others to access and edit.

Power BI and Teams User Training

Power BI and Teams TrainingData can come from multiple sources. Websites, databases even spreadsheets. What you now need is a way to visualise the data and then share those visuals with others. A Microsoft Power BI with Teams training course will use the best of those two applications to give that professional touch to your data. You will learn how to create an interactive dashboard bringing data to life. Then you will add the dashboard as an application to a channel within Microsoft Teams so that everyone will be able access.

Outlook and Teams User Training

Microsoft Outlook and Teams Training CourseWhen should you use Outlook, and when should you use Teams? If it seems to you that Microsoft Teams has confused the landscape of office communication you wouldn't be alone. Take a Microsoft Teams and Outlook user training course to see how to use these two applications together. Learn how to use the Teams and Outlook calendars in conjunction with each other. Find out the answers to common problems when using this two Office 365 organisation and communication tools.

OneDrive and Teams User Training

Microsoft OneDrive and Teams Training CourseOneDrive and Microsoft Teams. Two applications that are powerful in their own right. But put them together and you have collaboration within your organisation that you probably didn't think possible before. But do you need one to use the other? Which one is the best for file sharing? How do I security to a file or folder I want to share? Understand more about when and why you should use OneDrive over Teams and vice versa on a Microsoft Office 365 user training course for OneDrive for business and Teams.

Forms, Teams and Sway User Training

Forms Stream and Sway User Training CourseMicrosoft Forms is part of your Office 365 tenant. Using Forms you can quickly create interactive online forms and collect the data in an Excel spreadsheet. Microsoft Stream enables you to transcribe and Edit videos you can use Forms to add that extra level of interactivity. Microsoft Sway is the online reporting/presentation tool that will allow you to share the forms and videos you have created. Take a Forms, Teams and Sway user training course to find out how to best use these amazing tools you have at your fingertips.

PowerPoint and Teams Office 365 User Training

Microsoft PowerPoint and Teams Training CoursePowerPoint and Teams Office 365 user training will show you how to bring these two fantastic software applications with Microsoft Teams. Not only will you see how to prepare presentations for use on PowerPoint. But you will also see how to use the screen presentation view in Teams to give a professional presentation.

PowerPoint & Teams full course outline

Forms Sway Office 365 User Training

Forms and Sway User Training CourseForms and Sway Office 365 user training will be just the skill you need to not only create an effective interactive form, but also distribute the form in a manner that will encourage people to fill it out.

  • Creating Forms
  • Generating QR codes
  • Create Online Interactions in Sway

Forms & Sway Office 365 user training full course outline

Forms and OneDrive Office 365 User Training

Forms and OneDrive Office 365 User Training CourseForms and OneDrive Office 365 user training will show you how to create a form and share the form data with others using OneDrive.

Forms & OneDrive Office 365 user training full course outline

Excel and Forms Office 365 User Training

Excel and Forms Office 365 User TrainingExcel and Forms Office 365 user training will show you how these two software applications are the perfect match. Learn:

Excel & Forms Office 365 user training full course outline

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