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Free Online Computer Training

Free Online Computer Training

Power BI

Power BI video tutorials that will help you will everything from installation to creating a calendar table. These free online computer training videos might be the answer you're looking for.


A fundamental understanding of Excel can serve you well wherever you happen to work. A little try out before you book a course? Then try a bite of one of our Excel online guides.


Create professional looking publications, brochures and posters. You can even embrace the online revolution by using the digital media tools.


The photo manipulating tool of the professionals. Learn how to use some of the tools with our free online Photoshop training tutorials.


Some of the tools in Adobe Illustrator can be frustrating to use. Why not follow a few of our online training guides as an appetiser before you tuck into one of our free training courses.


Having to give a presentation can be daunting. Finding out how to control animation is one of the subjects covered in these tutorial videos.

Microsoft Word

The world's most popular word processor. See how these free tutorials will help you in some of it's basic functions.


Starting a website using Dreamweaver? This tutorial will get you up and running with a basic site. Creating the site from scratch you will see how to get to grips with some of the basic principles of web design.


Flowcharts, Org Charts and more. The list of tasks Visio can handle is mind blowing. Design your office or house layout. These series of tutorials have been created with our clients in mind. But if you need to create a quick drawing you're welcome to get use these tutorials.

Adobe Acrobat

Digital signatures, the distribution and collection of data, all are steps towards the paperless office. Feel free to view and follow along with these free online tutorial videos.


Microsoft Outlook is still one of the most used email applications within the corporate industry. What are some of the tips and tricks available for use? Check out our free outlook training videos.


Some would call Microsot Publisher the toy of the DTP world. However, with a bit of cajoling you can coax it to stand up in it's own right. These Microsoft Publisher tutorials will help you on your way.

Windows 10

Windows 10! Love it? Hate it? Chances are if you're working in an office you have to live with it. See what you can do with Windows using handy tips detailed in this tutorial.

Google Sheets

Again and again we visit companies that have switched to Google sheets as the spreadsheet application of choice. So these tutorials are long overdue. We are particularly proud of our customer classification series.

Access Database

Access is a powerful tool. It can be used to structure and filter data within your organisation. We know that getting to grips with a database can be tricky. There is no way that we can cover everything in a few tutorials, but we hope that this gets you started.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, the communication app that will replace Skype for business and Outlook for internal emails. Stop the clutter and focus on the work at hand. These free online computer training videos will get you started.


See how to write your HTML from scratch, instead of having to rely on content management solutions. Knowing a bit of HTML will also help you be flexible when using CMS.

Zoom Tips

Check out our Zoom video conferencing tips. From joining a meeting to using PowerPoint to present a meeting.

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