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Online IT Training

When someone shows you something it can be easier to learn. It's the next best thing to having somebody there to take you through it.

Our online IT training courses will give you a taste of what you can accomplish using the applications you most likely already have. Should you want us to add a video then just ask. Email us your request:

Excel Training Videos

A fundamental understanding of Excel can serve you well wherever you happen to work. A little try out before you book a course? Then try a bite of one of our Excel online guides.

InDesign Training Videos

Create professional looking publications, brochures and posters. You can even embrace the online revolution by using the digital media tools.

Photoshop Online Training

The photo manipulating tool of the professionals. Learn how to use some of the tools with our online Photoshop guide.

Adobe Illustrator Training Videos

Some of the tools in Adobe Illustrator can be frustrating to use. Why not follow a few of our online training guides as an appetiser before you tuck into one of our training courses.

Microsoft Powerpoint Training Videos

Having to give a presentation can be hard. What is it that makes standing up in front of people and talking so difficult. Even the most eloquent of speakers can be reduced to quivering masses of jelly. PowerPoint can help make your presentations engaging, but only when used effectively.

Using our online IT training course in PowerPoint will help you get to grips with this animal. We'll also give you some presentation pointers along the way.

Word Online Training

Started of as a word processor and is still such, however with a few additions. Flow charts, even a little bit of desktop publishing.

Dreamweaver Online Training

Starting a website using Dreamweaver? This tutorial will get you up and running with a basic site. Creating the site from scratch will allow you to get to grips with some of the basic principles.

Visio Online Training

Flowcharts, organisation charts, Gantt charts, timelines the list of tasks Visio can handle is mind blowing. You can even design your office or house using this versatile tool. These series of videos have been created with our clients in mind. However if you get anything from them, that's great.

Acrobat Online Training

Digital signatures, the distribution and collection of data, all are steps towards the paperless office. There is still a little way to go and Adobe Acrobat is just the tool to remedy that problem. Feel free to view and follow along with these free online training videos.