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Live Online - Instructor Led Training

Live Online - Instructor Led Training

Benefits of Instructor Led Online Training

Live Online - The Concept

You know the difficulty of getting everybody in your team together for a training day. We know that pain of trying to find a suitable meeting room. Finding a time when everyone can take a whole day for training. Then arranging for everyone to be in the office. Organising this can be a nightmare. So then take a look at our "Live Online" instructor led training.

What are the benefits?

How much is it?

£ 250 + VAT per 3 hour training sessions for up to 8 delegates.

So if you have 8 employees on a 3 hour course it's just £31.25 person.

What do I Need to Participate?

Technical Requirements

To get the best out of your training sessions it is recommended that you have a:

If you haven't got a microphone you can still take part by dialling in using your phone. Before the training course we will email you with joining instructions which will include the option to dial in.

What do I do Now?

If you are interested then please email us on