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Tuesday 9th June 2020 Power BI - Dealing with Data Training Course £95 + VAT 1:30pm - 4:30pm BST

Power BI Training Class Beginners Outline

Course Prequisites

This instructor led online Power BI training course is designed for someone who wants to simply get started with Power BI desktop. A student should have a basic understanding of Excel or other spreadsheet program .

Technical Requirements

This Live Online class is designed to be conducted using the Zoom platform.See below for details. In addition before the course you would need:

Getting Data

  • Getting data from Excel
  • Importing data from other sources

Creating Calculated Columns

  • Concatenation
  • Date Formulas

Using Visualisation to create a dashboard

  • Formatting Visualisations
  • Adding a Slicer
  • Sorting the Month Order Problem
  • Multiple Labels on Axis
  • Drilling Down
  • Understanding Hierarchies
  • Edit Interactions

10 minute break - Stretch your legs - Get your tea


  • Adding Filters
  • The difference between Visualization, Page and Report Filters

Calendar Table

Relationships and Keys

  • Showing Rows with no Data
  • Using Excel Tables

Laying out a Page

  • Adding Arrows and Comments
  • Writing Text
  • Aligning Visuals on a report

Importing Visualisations

  • Importing Custom Visual from the Web
  • Timeline Slicer Visualisation


  • Signing in

Power BI Class - Dealing with Data

Course Prequisites

How do you handle data? This instructor led online Power BI training course is principally designed for those who want to get a handle on their data. Whereas the previous course dealt primarily with getting visualisations together, this one shows you how to deal with data.

Technical Requirements

The course also is conducted using the Zoom platform See below for details. In addition before the course you would need:

Using the Power Query Editor

  • Importing Data
  • Handling Errors
  • Using Applied Steps
  • Correcting data types
  • Changing the data source
  • Merge Columns
  • How to use create column from Example

More Calculated Columns

  • Calculating Fiscal Year
  • Understanding Context
  • Financial Calculations

10 minute break - Stretch your legs - Get your tea

Expanding Visuals

  • Creating a Map
  • Using KPI's
  • Bookmarks
  • Drillthrough
  • Drilling Down

Basic Dax Formulas

  • Understanding Measures
  • Using Quick Measures
  • Calculating Year to Date
  • Ranking

What do I need to participate?

Technical Requirements

To get the best out of your training sessions it is recommended that you have a:

  • Internet connected computer
  • Webcam (usually already on most laptops)
  • Microphone (usually on laptops)
  • Nice comfy place to learn
  • Big cup of tea

If you haven't got a microphone you can still take part by dialling in using your phone. Before the training course we will email you with joining instructions which will include the option to dial in.

One more thing, during this Power BI class you will learn more by following along with the instructor. So if you are able to use a second screen this would enable you to follow the one screen while carrying out the exercises on the other. Though this is not absolutely necessary, it would help your learning experience.

Should you need any assistance in setting up zoom for you our your employees you are more that welcome to contact us:

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