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Outlook Training Videos

Outlook Online Training

Microsoft Outlook training videos.

Setup a Google account in Outlook

This video will show you how to set up a Google account in Outlook 2016. This particular video deals with setting up a new account using a new Outlook profile.

Set up Gmail account - Outlook 2016

How do you set up a Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook? This short training video will show you how to add a Gmail account to already existing accounts.

Outlook - Convert Email to Task

How do you convert an Email into a task using Microsoft Outlook 2016? This short video will show you how.

Create a new task in Outlook

Tasks are a great way to track work and things to do. Find out how to start using them in this free Outlook 2016 training video which will show you how to create a tasks in Microsoft Outlook 2016.

Schedule an Email in Outlook 2016

Here's a free video showing you how you can set up a delayed email delivery in Outlook 2016. In this way your boss won't know how hard you're working. Although that might not be such a bad thing.

Recall sent Email - Outlook 2016

If you've accidentally sent an Email you shouldn't have, this tutorial will show you how to recall that sent message.

Email Rules - Outlook 2016

Tutorial showing you how to use rules to move Emails automatically in Outlook 2016.

Automatic Replies

A quick tutorial showing you how to use Automatic Replies in Outlook 2016.

Conditional Formatting - Outlook 2016

Outlook tutorial showing how to use conditional formatting to change the colour of email messages from a certain person.

Scheduling Assistant - Outlook 2016

Tutorial showing you how to use scheduling assistant in Outlook 2016. Find free appointments in other peoples calendars.

Delegate inbox access - Outlook 2016

See how you can delegate access to your inbox so that someone else can take care of your emails while you are away on holiday.

How to display another calendar in Outlook 2016

This Outlook 2016 tutorial will show you how to display another calendar. You will also see how to change sharing permisions.

How to display the From box in OWA?

Tutorial showing how to display the from drop down box in Outlook web edition.

Modifying Task in Outlook

See how to modify a task in Outlook.