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Outlook Training Videos

Outlook Online Training

Microsoft Outlook training videos.

Setup a Google account in Outlook

This video will show you how to set up a Google account in Outlook 2016. This particular video deals with setting up a new account using a new Outlook profile.

Set up Gmail account - Outlook 2016

How do you set up a Gmail account in Microsoft Outlook? This short training video will show you how to add a Gmail account to already existing accounts.

Outlook - Convert Email to Task

How do you convert an Email into a task using Microsoft Outlook 2016? This short video will show you how.

Create a new task in Outlook

Tasks are a great way to track work and things to do. Find out how to start using them in this free Outlook 2016 training video which will show you how to create a tasks in Microsoft Outlook 2016.

Schedule an Email in Outlook 2016

Here's a free video showing you how you can set up a delayed email delivery in Outlook 2016. In this way your boss won't know how hard you're working. Although that might not be such a bad thing.