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Placing a Picture using InDesign


Placing a picture in InDesign

It can be easy to run into difficulties when placing a picture in InDesign. The trouble isn't with the actual placing of the picture. That's simply done by click File - Place. The tricky bit comes when you have to manipulate the picture, change the size of the frame in relation to the picture, or maybe it's simply a case of getting the picture to fit the frame..

Anyway, this short video will show you how to place a picture in Adobe InDesign. It will also show how you can work with the picture a little so that you can try to get InDesign to do your bidding, rather than the other way round.

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Also we have a free InDesign Cheatsheet for you to download and use to your hearts content. Please let us know if you have any suggestions as to shortcuts and/or tips we could add to the InDesign Cheatsheet and we'll add them on the next print run.

InDesign Exercise File

You can use the above exercise file as a starting point for this Indesign Online video