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Power BI Training Videos

Power BI Online Training

Power BI is the self service BI (Business Analysis) tool from Microsoft. Load data from various different sources and use Business Analysis tools including Power Query, Power Map and DAX to mash your data into a format that you can work with. More can be found on the Computer Tutoring YouTube channel.

How to Install Power BI

You know of Power BI. But to use you'll need to install. It's good to know if you have the 32 or 64bit version of office installed before you start. This short video will show you what to do.

Power BI Access Issue

If you're having trouble connecting to an acccess database then you might want to check out this video.

Load from Access into Power BI

Get your data from Microsoft Access into Power BI. This way you can reap all the benefits that Power BI gives.

Getting Started with Power BI

Power BI is a big animal. So when you look at your humble spreadsheet you may ask yourself what you need to do to get the data into Power BI. Although that this is one of the longer of our videos. However this is really a must, if you want to get started with the online version of Power BI. You will need a Microsoft Account and have logged in to Power BI before following this video.

RAG KPI Status in Power BI

Find out how to create the traffic light RAG (Red,Amber,Green) status icons in a table within Power BI.

Power BI Group Values

This tutorial will show you how to group values using Power BI. This guide shows you on how to use DAX and in particular the CALCULATE function to group values.

Power BI Date Table

What can you get out of Date Tables? Surely you've got dates in your main "fact" table so why should you need to add another table? This video tutorial will show you how to create a date table, integrate it with your data model along with a couple of handy fiscal calculations.

Power BI Sort By Month

This tutorial will show you how to sort by month in Power BI. Understanding the fundamentals with regard to sorting by month can help open the door to many other sorting options in Power BI.

Power BI Previous Year

Use the DATEADD function to look at the previous year. Then go further and work out the percentage difference between this year and last year.

Power BI Year to Date

Year to date tutorial in Power BI. See how you can create a formula to work out a year to date formula in Power BI. If you're wondering how to work out year to date using power bi then this tutorial will show you a simple way to do so. Now before you go through this tutorial and, if you are a beginner to Power BI you might want to look at our other tutorials.

Previous Year to Date

Now you've discovered how to work out year to date what about year to date for the previous year? This short tutorial will show you how.

Power BI Cumulative Totals

Tutorial showing you how to write a DAX formula in Power BI for cumulative totals so that you can calculate totals for financial periods.

Rag KPI Icons - Updated

Tutorial showing how to create RAG KPI icons after the Icon sets update.