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Microsoft PowerPoint
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Microsoft PowerPoint Training Free

PowerPoint Presentation Using Zoom

Using Zoom to present using PowerPoint. This tutorial will show you how to present a PowerPoint presentation using Zoom.

Create a Chart in PowerPoint

This free online training course will show you how to create a basic pie chart in PowerPoint.

Animating a Chart in PowerPoint

Do you want to be able to control your chart in PowerPoint? Do you want those little slices of pie to appear one by one thereby having some sort of control over your presentation. Then this PowerPoint online training course is for you.

How to use SmartArt in PowerPoint

Turn your boring bullet list into a cool SmartArt graphic that's fit for presentation.

Animating SmartArt in PowerPoint

You know how to create and convert SmartArt in PowerPoint. But now you want to animate and get those graphics moving.

Animating Bullets in PowerPoint

Make your PowerPoint presentations a little more interesting by animating bullet points.

Start Video after another Microsoft PowerPoint training free video

See how you can get one video to automatically start playing after another has finished.

Create an Online Quiz

Here you will see how to create an online quiz using PowerPoint. You will see how to add questions and get users to interact.

Create PPT Quiz with Forms

This tutorial will show you how to create a PowerPoint quiz with forms. This way users can interact with the questions.

Merge Quiz Results to Excel

In this Microsoft PowerPoint training video you will see how to merge the results from the Online PowerPoint quiz using Microsoft Forms into a single Excel spreadsheet.