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Inserting PowerPoint Quiz Results into Excel


PowerPoint Quiz Results

PowerPoint, this word has become synonymous with things like death by PowerPoint, or “Oh No! Not another lengthy PowerPoint presentation?”. You may be asking questions such as: “Is it right that you should only have 6 bullet points per slide?” If you have been thinking of PowerPoint in this way, then you might want to think about a new way of using it.

You can use PowerPoint to create quizzes, that is right! You can now use PowerPoint to create interactive quizzes. What's more you can take these quizzes and put them online for the whole world to see. You can also, in conjunction with Microsoft forms, collects the answers people give via multiple choice questions to PowerPoint quizzes that you put online. That was the subject of our previous two PowerPoint tutorials.  So make sure you check them out before this one.

Before you view this tutorial check out these:

In this PowerPoint Online Quiz Tutorial, we will take results from an online PowerPoint quiz and merge it together into a single Excel document. Now, it is true that you can use Excel to create a form, however putting this form online can be troublesome. What is more , once you have discovered that you can use Microsoft Forms to collect user results, you will find that trying to use Excel to create a form and put that form online as a quiz can be somewhat troublesome.

In this PowerPoint, Microsoft forms and Excel tutorial you will see how you can create a form within the online version of Excel. You will then be able to copy over the questions you have used from previous quizzes you have created. Finally, you will collate these answers into a single Excel spreadsheet.

For you to be able to fully follow along with this tutorial you will need to have a copy of Office 365 and be using the online version of Excel. You will also need to have OneDrive installed on your computer. At the end of the tutorial we will be looking at the client version of Excel, so having that we be a bonus.

In this PowerPoint to Microsoft Forms to Excel Tutorial you will learn:

  • How to create a Form in Excel that can be used online?
  • How to make that form look like a quiz with right and wrong answers.
  • How to save the Excel file in such a way so that it will update everytime someone submits their answers from the quiz
If you would like to follow along then you can use the PowerPoint Online Quiz exercise file.